Weekly Schedule - 5/27/2019 - 6/2/2019

Take account of the next tournament. It will be with Mods and again it is announced to be Cenezoic.

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Hmmm, MODS tourney… hmmm I think I will pass…


Likewise. Mods are cool, but not in a turney. I assume it’ll be all legendary mods kicking ass

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Make this one a third person who will pass on the MODs tourney. Way too many resources needed to get the things. And long and short, I just don’t find them fun. I’ve actually found myself playing less until this Woolly Mammoth tourney because so many of the trades and events are all about mods, and, until they fixed it, the land PvP prizes were worthless (for me; I acknowledge they were helpful to others). I don’t hate them; they just detract from the game for me. I acknowledge they’ve been a boon for others, and I’m glad for them to have that enjoyment.

The Megatherium unlock is nice. Many of us have been wanting that unlock. Here’s to hoping it can happen for those of us who’ve been stuck up a certain creek thanks to our ignorance of the ferocity PvE matchmaking.


@Ned, @Jorge can you guys have someone confirm if the tournament for the MODs will actually be Cenozoic? I ask as the tournament that is currently active also had the Cenozoic symbol on last weeks schedule but ended up being Jurassic.

Thank you @Jason for moving my other post I didn’t realize there was already a thread going.


I’m going to withhold judgement on the Mods tournament until I see how it turns out. It seems odd it would be a Cenozoic when ALL of the training and daily PvE modded events have been Jurassic. And I’m definitely no fan of them especially in a PvP style match where you don’t know what you will be facing. But a low participation tournament is always one I might have more chance to sneak into Dominator on, but if it is Jurassic, I definitely won’t be able to do much… especially with the level 17+ restriction given how this one with its level 11+ seems to have made getting out of Predator a lot harder than typical.

Trodon again for Clash of Titans?? I think it’s time to stop asking the community to vote, so we can get something other than a carnivore… especially the same one that we JUST had. But yeah, glad to see the Megatherium unlock, that will definitely help my ceno lineups to get.

The Clash of Titans isn’t new. We just completed it early.

You sure about that? Look at the dates on it.

Wow, Facebook post on this already filling up with lots of angry comments about having a Mods tournament and suggestions to boycott it. It does seem that a large majority of players really not in favor of the update, particularly 1. the cost to get the best mods and 2. the poor trade values on them.

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Ok, that’s wierd. Troodon wasn’t even an option on the poll.

I’m thinking it’s probably a mistake, someone must have forgotten to change the dino name.


I hope that the Class of Titans is a misprint. Not looking forward to a mods tournament. It’s probably going to be something I want. Level 17 seems a weird cutoff. I hope the daily mods events stop soon.


Saturday: More Teeth
Calling all dentists and orthodontists. :grimacing:


Thoroughly unexcited for the mods tournament… Ish


Not that I’m gonna do it, but what do you get if you win

Unknown. We’ll find out later in the week

Ok. 10 characters

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Troodon Mods tournament😂
That way we don’t miss anything.


There is something wrong with the troodon

Jurassic dinos, @Sionsith. :slight_smile: