Weekly Schedule - 5/4/2020 - 5/10/2020

Included both of these since there are now 2 calendars to reference between. Hopefully useful!

We’re in the Week 1 column this week.

Yay for VIP tournament!! Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will not be a standard Jurassic as well! :crossed_fingers:


I like this new method of doing the schedule. Allows them to really highlight the events that are the special ones for the week.

Fairly obvious which VIP creature that is, so probably unlikely it’d be otherwise than a Jurassic tournament, particularly following up on the first non-Jurassic main event in so long. I will continue to dream of seeing a Tusoteuthis tournament, or the newest one, Procoptodon. That would really make my day!


I don’t mind the new 8 week calendar, but it is the unlock and Community Event/Tournament/Boss/etc part that I really want to know about. (And for 8 weeks at a crack?!?)

Also, I REALLY want to unlock to utahraptor. :frowning: Oh well. Maybe commons will come to the upper levels another day.

Been wanting to do that for the longest time too. But so far as too high of a park I have to put it on hold
Maybe someday

Where are gen 2 events? Why they are nowhere?

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Exactly what I was thinking when I looked over the weekly events… I’m hoping that was a mistake and that Gen 2 events are still coming.


Well, talk about irony! Just hours after posting my comment about hoping to someday get a Tusoteuthis tournament, I just won this in the lottery! Not that I wouldn’t still LOVE to see a tournament still…but at least I finally have one now!


Lucky you. The lotto has been pretty dry for me for a few weeks now.

Edit: I figure, every week we buy 70 VIP tickets. So, every other week, we should be winning the top prize once.

But, I’m unlucky. :frowning:

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It’s VIP week folks, watch your in game mail boxes and be on the look out for specials throughout the week…

I won a pack and it did give me 4 x the loyalty points. However it is not doing it in the typical format where you get 2x and then another 2x it is all at once so the graphic says 4x. Some folks were saying that they weren’t getting it but verify it’s not saying 4x before writing into support.


I’m not getting 4x :frowning:

I did get 500LP in my mail box though.

Edit: I got it starting for/at the tourney reward.

Look what I found :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ludia please don’t tell me that we will get gen 2 events every 17 days :frowning:


That is an UNLOCK!!!


It sure is!!!


I did not get it in my first event I finished after I read the news, but now I received 4x loyalty points for a mod package. I think they announced it before they activated it.

Some other previews for the next couple of weeks. The unlock for Generation 2 Tyrannosaurus rex is very welcome news. It’s been a couple of months since unlock opportunities for Phorusrhacos and Kaiwheka. I am not looking forward to Aquatic Wave and Cenozoic stampede. It looks like next week we get a shot at a Gold Salamander 16 statue.


Oh I didn’t notice that it is an unlock. So excited. Sorry Ludia.:smiley::smiley::smiley:


Well that’s not exactly how the probability works. But I know what you mean. This is my first big prize in quite a few weeks. It just happened to be the one I wanted the most! I love the aquatics in general but that giant squid is definitely one of the best. Now I just need another one so I can have a level 20 to use regularly in my aquatic battles!

Dang, wish that had been active when I got that 50K VIP pack! That would have been a pretty sweet bonus of points to get too!


And it will expire just before the next VIP tournament with a 50k VIP as reward is going to end next week.:tired_face:

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