Weekly Schedule - 5/4/2020 - 5/10/2020

Well if it’s true that they adjusted the LPs on those packs, guess it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway!


So, is now like a really good time to stock up on 10K packs with the 4x points? I was saving for buying a 50K dino (in the future, not current).

Supposedly the points were cut in half so the result is the same amount of bonus on the Loyalty gold packs. If that is indeed the case.

Personally I don’t plan to spend LPs on 50K creatures for quite some time yet, they just don’t have enough value for me to spend 5 times the LPs to get them, and I want to have a nice lineup of at least the Jurassic 10Ks at level 40 before I consider using my LPs to get the 50s. It’s not like you can’t still get them in the game after all. By playing the lottery and doing all VIP tournaments, as of today I have all but the newest ceno VIP, and most at least one level 20 and multiple copies. At the least, I would certainly recommend holding off on doing 50K packs until you have a strong lineup of lvl 20’s for tournaments.

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My first chamber will free up tonight, I’ll buy a 10K pack and post what the numbers look like later.

Edit: been confirmed with screen shots in other threads. No need for me to try.

I find that T-Rex Gen 2 unlock dubious. I hope it’s true, but (not to be mean) Ludia’s not exactly batted 1000 when it comes to their publicity matching their reality. That said, I hope that, even if it is a mistake, they will honor what it says. We probably shouldn’t have said anything, because now they can correct it before the actual event starts!


First off, love the baseball metaphor (Go Nats, the defending World Champions).

Secondly I’m just as apprehensive as you are regarding this potential Gen 2 “unlock,” event… I never appreciated the fact that we didn’t unlock them before, but I also don’t see what’s changed that Ludia would now allow us to unlock one.

I’m hoping for the best on this one, but expecting the worst.


Anyone else have their CoT SDNA mission disappear? I just unlocked it today but noticed there is no SDNA mission for it which is usually substantial.

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I unlocked it yesterday and noticed it too.

CoT gets substituted after you beat if?

I had a fight for fusion mission today. I beat CoT yesterday though. Only 2 normal events today.

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No CoT does not but in the SDNA missions (where you get rewarded for completing battle events with 10-20 SDNA) typically CoT is worth 50/50 but I did not see the mission to collect if I was to complete the event.

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I get it now. Sorry, I don’t remember if it was there yesterday or not. But the sweet 4x LP for CoT was nice.

I verified it’s still not there this morning @Ned or @Keith is this intentional or a glitch?

Thanks for letting us know, Sionsith. In the meantime, could I ask you to contact our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key so our team can try to correct this for you? Thanks!


I think mine was present yesterday, but I couldn’t swear to it.