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Weekly Schedule - 6/1 - 6/7

Next week’s schedule is posted. No tournament, but we get a shot at Omega 09. So, most players should come out of that with tons of DNA. Three special events; we’ll see what those are about.


I think the final showdown is where we win the T. rex statue that looks like the one at the end of the first movie!!


This one!!


Wow, no tournament! That’s going to feel very weird.


I’m actually happy about that. These tournaments are killing me because I’m barely getting into Dominator and having to stay on top of it if I want to get in. My wife is giving me the business about being on the game all the time, lol.


I feel your pain. Although I am strong enough to finish in Dominator league, I just don’t have enough time to spend at the game! I don’t have a wife to complain to me but I have increased responsibilities both at school and home, at least for now.


Same for me, although I like tournaments. I’m going to hire someone who plays for me while I’m at work or have to talk to my wife. :wink:


Oh! Gallimimus,I could use a Ophiacomimus , Ophiacodon is unlocked for me,Gallimimus is literally a Dilophosaurus but Herbivore,look at the stats

Oh Yes! More DNA,the boss battles will sure give lots of DNA,I got 4000 dna last time,I have 7000 at the moment,but more will not hurt. Atleast no tournament,i got some time to get my Shunosaurus to level 20,I have one already,next one will come from the tournament dominator

Now Ludia is going too far. They are actually offering us a additional revenue tower for 40€.

I like the idea of purchasing revenue towers, but not exclusively with real money. In my opinion they should offer this at least to the VIP members, who are paying 10€ every month, for bucks or something else.

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This is the same pack they offered when the island first opened up. Didn’t pay for it then, not paying for it now.


FYI it’s DB day for social media.


@Sionsith I tried going to the Facebook site, but didn’t see any link for DBs. Am I missing something?


Sweet, thank you. I thought it would just send me to the battle.

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I’m looking forward to the final countdown event that starts on Friday. This will be the first event that I’m going to skip in many many months.

In the first fight you need to have one Velociraptor. Well, I made another Indominus Rex just recently and now I have only one lvl 10 Velociraptor available.
I can remember that we once had an event that required only Tyrannosaurus Rex, I was in the same situation at that time.

I may have to overthink my strategy for hybrids.


Depending on where you are in the game, the beacon is very useful. It’s not too difficult to get it cover most/all of an island. So dont pay for revenue towers. you get 5 free ones from the park expansions.

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Can you only battle with one velociraptor? Or can you have like 1 or 2 additional dinos?

We don’t know yet. We’ll find out tomorrow.

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