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Weekly schedule 6/14/21 to 6/20/21

2 tournaments one for vips and the other for something else and Umoonasaaurus winning the COT vote


Umm… Clash of Titans?

What :flushed: did we have a poll?


I don’t have hatzegopteryx , feels like i will never have it.

yep it was, banana boy, unamoon and edestus


Ouch… I remember now. Thanks :joy:


I am not even going to try, I dont need it, only banana boy was needed for me

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i really want to get the diprotodon i did not unlock it yet

I’m lv 68 and I don’t got hatz but dimoprohdon is nice

Nouuuuu i wanted banana

same i also wanted it

Hey I think the tournament is para gen 2 or maybe I could be wrong

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So it seems they changed the schedule release timing.

Also yey diprotodon unlock


It’s a bracketed tournaments, so most likely an old tournament creature, very unlikely that it’s a newer one.

I wanted banana cause of the hybrid but hey some good reefs are nice

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Might be what happened last year a SDNA bracketed tournament which if it is it will be nice as I can get closer to indoraptor gen 2


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Hoping the bracketed tournament is a dino I haven’t unlocked :crossed_fingers:

What is the tourney creature? Any ideas?

yes, a bracketed tourney, those are so easy.

I see that the VIP background is a symmetric mirrorlike image. So I can put forward the idea of it could be a twin pack. Maybe, I dunno. The only twin pack we’ve long known is the Stiggies. Something other than that would be much more intriguing. :v:

And Para Gen2 would be dreamland for me. :blue_heart: