Weekly Schedule - 6/15/2020 - 6/21/2020

Next week’s schedule has been posted. The highlights include another Velociraptor Gen 2 unlock opportunity for level 65+ and a bracketed tournament over the weekend. The Megalosaurus Clash of Titans ends on Sunday. I counted 21 events, although I certainly could have messed up

Edit: I recounted and got 18 events


Wow, another Bracketed Tournament so soon.

At least it is Jurassic, I should be ok.

I sure wish I could unlock Labyrinthodontia. :frowning: (I’m L90.)


I’m staying at 54 to unlock Kapro. Has a Pyroraptor unlock ever came out? Literally impossible for me to make Carnoraptor.


It has been awhile for Pyroraptor. I don’t have him unlocked either.

I did get 8+ copies from the game, such that I have the hybrid unlocked.


Pyroraptor unlock isn’t listed in the spreadsheet so I’m assuming it’s been a while. Microposaurus makes Ostaposaurus but ironically Kaprosuchus makes Gorgosuchus, a better hybrid than Ostaposaurus.

I hope the bracketed tournament is to unlock someone I don’t need or a chance to get two VIP creatures like the Stygimoloch tournament a while back. I could really use a break. This stress of sitting on the edge of Dominator all the time is killing me, lol.

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It’s not a VIP tournament or else it would be VIP only.


@Andy_wan_kenobi does that count of 18 CoT events include VIP ones?

Also of note on the FB post:

Will need to keep our eyes peeled to see what these are.


Yes it does.

And now I’m counting 21 again. Somebody double check me.

There are 5 events on the special calendar above
Monday: Battle for Survival and On the Tides
Tuesday: Aqua VIP, Monsters of the Deep, and Fight for Funds
Wednesday: Rarity Rumble and Stakeholders’s Visit
Thursday: Land VIP and Test Your Strength
Friday: Fight for Fusion, Claim Your Territory
Saturday: Rarity Rumble, Aerial Assault
Sunday: Creatures from the Swamp, It’s a Whiteout, and Mighty Money

I hope we can an Aerotitan unlock soon. That’s the only sub legendary I don’t have at 40 and I want to remedy that!

PvP modded has a decent chance of yielding an Aerotitan. I have 8, mostly due to that.


Gen 2 Fury is for Raptor or Rex?

Picture looks like Velociraptor

@Andy_wan_kenobi I spent at least 2K bucks on land expansions to get to 60, and have cleared 12 events already. Do you think I can make it?

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You’ve got to get to 28. I counted 21 events for next week. You should be fine


You signed up for the VIP subscription as well. A minimum of +2 more events to complete and a “new” VIP event maybe.


When is the new amphibian creature coming out

Does fallen kingdom event mean we can get a dino that appeared in fallen kingdom?

Maybe. Or a special decoration.