Weekly Schedule - 6/17/2019 - 6/23/2019

Seems to be a busy week. I am especially looking forward to have the chance to get a legendary Hybrid.


Yay!! Psepheroderma!!!

I’m intrigued at Indominus Rex being the tournament reward… not that I have a whole lot of chance of finishing in Dominator still, but curious if that would include an unlock even if I haven’t made one yet.

That is one packed Saturday!

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@Mary_Jo if the recent Gorgosuchus tournament is any indication the Indominus Rex tourney will unlock the creature for you if you finish in dominator even if you have not created on yet.


@JAD is correct in that those that finish in Dominator will unlock the Indominus Rex and will be able to create more of them even if they have never fused the original T-Rex and Velociraptor.


These tournaments are a real touch - I have made Indominus but that gorgosuchus unlock was a life saver for me. Indominus is easy because of the 2 dinos you have to fuse are easy to get, but I still don’t have a single gorgosaurus after over a year of playing. I really need metriaphodon now…

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I forgot, was it mentioned on the previous announcements if there were rules for a tournament?

Good to know, but yeah, I would guess that most players that are able to finish in Dominator already could make an Indominus themselves. I’m pretty close to that point myself, but am just being very patient and methodical in how I’m moving everything up, so it’s not been something on my radar just yet (still haven’t completed all the SR hybrids).

Regardless, the indo rex is one of our family favorites, especially how s/he consumes the food and throws down the dish or bin. Totally baaaad-aaaazzzzzz to the max. :sunglasses: Can’t have one too many of these. (My daughter views dinos by default as female, while I do the opposite. Interesting side note.)


Your daughter is right when it comes to Jurassic Park - they were bred to be females only, remember? :slight_smile:

I’m definitely looking forward to when I can create my first indominus. As soon as I get past that mission where you need 2 T-Rex’s…

(weird, the post I replied to just disappeared… perhaps caught up in the content filters?)

She’s too young to watch the rather violent Jurassic movies. Myself, I barely finished the first (plane landed towards ending). In other play scenarios, unless character is obviously gendered like Batman or Batgirl, her default is female. I found that amusing, and seriously, consider that a rather important lesson I learnt from her on perspective.

For today’s Jurassic World stampede event, only use carnivores. There aren’t any amphibian class creatures in the Jurassic Park/World movies, so it doesn’t give you any, and it gives you plenty of herbivores.

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Good for her! When I was growing up, I wanted nothing as much as a new erector set with working motors, but was told that was only for boys. So had to play with my brother’s old rusted broken kits instead. I drove my parents crazy with my very non-girly love for bugs and snakes and any creepy crawly, from wanting ant farms to hatching out thousands of baby praying mantises in the garage, LOL!

I actually read all the Crichton books in addition to seeing all the movies, the “females-only” was a big plot point as it was supposed to prevent the dinosaurs from breeding, and thus increasing in numbers, and producing animals that could not be tracked. The movie does touch on it, but doesn’t really do a good job of explaining why it was of such importance.

Thanks @elliana, that makes sense and certainly explains why I lost my first try as I lost my one carnivore first and was left with an amphi and pterosaur.

Thanks, Mary_Jo, for filling in on plot details. I might’ve been half awake from jet lag or cabin wooziness while trying to squeeze in that movie. She’s an only child, but plays with all kinds of toys. No guns and knives, except legos. :dizzy_face:
Regarding these 3-vs-9 events, for Jurassic, going all-carno is usually a good default to go by. Even when they throw in a few amphibs here and there. No hybrids or VIPs, as I recall, from previous runs. So, a decent carno should still handle whatever amphib that might show up, apparently not in this rendition.

Yeah I should have thought about which dinos would be in there based on the movies and other events, but I actually don’t have a lot of carnis in my top right now (had one stuck in creation lab retries, but the discount is running now so I went ahead and used that to finish him up so that gives me one more… another is in the works).

Got through the 2nd round today but JUST barely, as it was very carni-heavy with few herbivores. Won with just 200 health left on my T-Rex, so close call. I just really have a hard time anticipating what the AI is going to do in these. Pretty lame pack that you got for it, considering the challenge that it was to complete. Ironically the Rarity Rumble pack was WAY better, and that was very easy to do.

At least the mods requirement was removed


That’s for sure! I’d probably have skipped it completely in that case.

I’d have paid to watch how Toxin poisoned the Nasty Nine. :dizzy_face: