Weekly schedule 6/27/22 - 7/03/22

Here is our new weekly schedule. A very, very heavy weekend loaded schedule. What creature is in the tournament? I’d play the Gyrosphere if it were 20DB.


Maybe blue is the tournament creature


I’d bet on something new - maybe cryolophosaurus for example - since the raptor riot is not over yet (even most daily players have completed it already)


I sure hope this next one has better rewards, the last one seemed like a ripoff to me. I mean seriously, 200db for a raptor decor/statue! Thats pretty much just a waste of time, and dinobucks.


This looks exciting

The icon does look like the setting where blue was last seen in JWFK

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The tournament could be, (and I’m hoping that it is) cryolophosaurus, or struthiomimus. No other creature has that desert, rock background. Baryonynx has a similar one, but this is not VIP. The only two Jurassic creatures that are to come (but are still detained) are crolophosaurus, and struthiomimus, which means that there’s a 50-50% chance of it being either.


Both cryolophosaurus and struthiomimus would be great but I would rather unlock struthiomimus. I don’t think we have any tournament creature with gallimimus rig animation so I’d like to see it already. Or maybe it’ll be new animation? I’m happy either way because it’s very likely that this tournament is for new creature, and even if this is something we didn’t heard of at all it’s still good to have new creature in your dino roaster :woman_shrugging:t2:


If it is cryolophosaurus i hope it gets a new animation

I don’t think that cryolophosaurus would get new animation. Probably majunga animation rig because they look very similar in size.

New creature people are saying… I am traveling starting Sunday early AM, so gotta make Fri/Sat count I guess.

Is there any way at this stage to know whether this will be a 3 or 4 day tournament? Like, is there any chance it will go to Monday?

I kind of hope not because it will be hard for me to get on after Saturday night so I have just 2 days to accrue cups and will be easier to get what I need for a shorter/lower tournament.

You never know. If not perhaps he gets the Dilophosaurus animation

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That’s definitely struthiomimus


My bad, I didn’t notice that this dino had actually size of a big raptor. In this case it may have new animation. I should checked it’s length and height :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Other than some sort of announcement, you have to wait until the tournament goes live to know for sure


Happy cake day! :cake: :smile: :confetti_ball:


stuth looks good

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Can we have a supersaurus unlock event?

……maybe next 8 weeks I’ll have it.