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Weekly Schedule 6/28/21 to 7/4/21

This week’s schedule is awesome, long tournament and gen 2 furys


Such a long Tournament… I’m guessing this is our potential Albertosaurus creature?

And a Key Tour Gyrosphere, mhm… Reminds me of this convo with @Sionsith :joy:

The one I started is still active and I didn’t bother to finish it, I was wondering if I would be lazy enough to keep it till the next cycle. I don’t know if I am proud or embarassed about myself :eyes:


This is one packed week, also it probably will be Alberto seeing as the land looks similar to Canada’s mountains / terrain


2 Gen 2 fury (partying sound), this is mdness this is one of the best weekly schedule I have ever seen, the indominus rex gyrosphere will be perfect for getting more copy of him
Also its sure is alberto because of the canada day event, its beeen a long time since this boss was here too


I see that ludia is responding to ur complaints about gen 2 furry

Sorry for me being ignorant, but what exactly is “gen 2 furry”? Or to be more precise: why are everyone so excited about it?


Gen2 fury is an event for both trex gen2 and velociraptor gen2, it for player 45+ and at 65+ you will unlock it,
BUt mainly both dinosaure are extremely rare to come by (this is the only way to get copies)
and they make the indominus rex gen2 wich is a real good dinosaur, and will later be fused for indorapotr gen2.
People are also excited about it, because these events has not been here for month


Traditionally, the Haast Eagle Statue rolls around about this time of year.

If you felt like throwing some Real Money into the game for an otherwise unobtainable decoration (with very nice stats), presumably this will be your chance


@Keith or @Ned , does this tournament finish at the usual time (which for me is 1pm Monday ) or does it go on into the week beyond?

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alberto tourney, 90% sure. the background is exactly the same as the teaser

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Very interesting week, I wonder, could Alberto be a component for scorpius?


Sing this next in the tune of Hallelujah! .

Gen 2 Furies!
Special Events!

A great tourney!
First Aquatic boss!
And Gyrospheres too!

Me too😁

No actually, me too.

I guess I’m the first one to spontaneously burst into song in the forums🤣


AAAAAAHHH! 'Scuse me, but theres a indominus rex gyrosphere??? Next week has at least 100 DB per day.

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guys a few question, how hard is the indominus rex gyro and waht are the best dino class to choose from

on gyrosphere i will try 3 missing carnotaurs and nasuteratops

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Is the gyro easy

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If you’re talking about the Irex one, probably not. I remember the Halloween one was very tough. I never tried it, but I remember people using the 3 attack 1 block loop to win. Was not guaranteed though.

Edit: I believe even @Sionsith had trouble. If I remember, somewhere between 30%-50% success rate?


i like this this staues on old account i had two beside jurassic gate one on each side. I try build my park same way as it was on old account so if eagle be avaible I will buy two.

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But is it carni only or something, is it only jurassic and most importantly do people face the same opponent (so I can cheat and knopw all my oponents when choosing)

i remember both those gyrosphere has some formula and not been to hard to win it when you figured it

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