Weekly Schedule - 6/29/2020 - 7/04/2020


If we are getting another Dimorphodon unlock, we need a Metriacanthosaurus unlock.

It looks like the last time was October and July of 2019.


I wonder what the Canada Day and 4th of July’s rewards are.

Thanks for sharing. Now that I look at it, I’m gonna get another Rhamphorynchus. Fun. And another Elasmotherium(I also have Geosaurus) and a Tournament. What Tournament do you guys think its gonna be?

See my post/vote so we can make the hybrid :smile:

Which one. Can I get the title?


Top bird glass cannon.

Another dimorphodon unlock! Boring… However the Canada day and 4th of July are exciting events. Wondering what the tournament creature will it be

The title is Metriaphodon?

Ya , metriaphodon, an excellent glass cannon

Wouldn’t be surprised by a Metriacanthosaurus Tournament.

Im not high enough lvl to get BERRIES, but a Metriacanthosaurus would be good for me. Considering my metric ton of Carnivores, i think Im ready

It would be very difficult for anyone under lvl 60 to get into Dominator league.

I got lvl 40 Alangasauruses, Velociraptors, lvl 5 Rage(Spin Wheel luck), And I won a shunosaurus so I can get a lvl 20 Littlefoot, Throw in a lvl 10 Pterodactylus, lvl 30 Labyrinthosaurus, lvl 20 Diplotator, lvl 20 T rex and Ostafrikasaurus and a lvl 30 Zhejianggopterus? Yeah, I think Im ready

The Pterodactylus and Alangasaurus are going to be your only creatures that can win you battles in Dominator. I had to buy back several creatures for the I rex tournament. It’s not confirmed to be a Metriacanthosaurus tournament, but definitely should be seeing the last Metria unlock was almost a year ago.

What about the lvl 5 Rajastega?

The first teaser for the tournament should be going up at 3pm ET (roughly 5 hrs and 30 minutes from now) today and I have not been as excited for a tournament as I am for this one. I hope you all the best of luck. I think you will all want to reach Dominator League. I will confirm @Predator_X it is not a Metriacanthosaurus tournament.


Ummmmm, Its actually 9pm where I am, could you tell me what is the time at your place?

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Ok then thanks

Metriaphodon Tournament…? Thanks for the confirmation Keith. Gonna be a big one.

@JayPoseidon And Rajastaga. I currently have 6 maxed Alangasauruses…gonna help in the tournament I hope.