Weekly Schedule - 6/3/2019 - 6/9/2019

Looks like an interesting week ahead:


New shiny Jurassic Park stuff! My kind of stuff.


Here’s to hoping one of these Jurassic Park events goes something like this:

"Dear trainers:

We’re sorry about the MODs update. Dr. Wu intended to create some new fun and accidentally made a monster. Mr. Masrani is speaking with him now.

In the meanwhile, please accept our apologies. All players will find one Titanboa card (not an unlock) in your hatchery; we’re also maxing out everyone’s coins and returning the raptor paddock to boosters. We’ve also included two free statues in your inventory, one of John Hammond and the other of Ian Malcolm, because we think this little dialogue between them pretty much captures what happened with the MOD update:

Ludia: ‘Don’t worry. We’re not making the same mistakes again this time.’

JW:TG players: ‘No, you’re making all new ones!’

Thank you for sticking with us, and welcome to Jurassic Park!"


@ HanSoloWannaBe Thank you. This genuinely cheered up my Sunday evening. Safe to say you speak on behalf of the JW The Game community with that post…

As an added bonus to removing the Mods they could also gift the community with an update that adds moving guests to walk around the park as well.


Han, when I was out in Dagobah trying to figure out the meaning of life, I came across the most powerful dino of them all, so deadly, even an indoraptor can’t handle him. Yoda told me it’s called the Meesasaurus. We couldn’t decide if its Jurassic or aquatic, probably amphibious.


I am genuinely curious about these new events taking place throughout the week. Are they like a gyrosphere run? Or something else? Either way, glad there’s not another tournament, gives me time to max out my other unique creatures.

I used my “pterosaur” Millennium Falcon class advantage to take care of the amphibian Meesasaurus.

Chewie got it on tape.


(Warning: video in link has one cuss word.)


As DV would say, “impressive.”
May the Han be with you. :dizzy_face:
Legend has it, that carcass landed somewhere in Arizona, U.S.A. :dragon_face:

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So today and tomorrow have two events
First, the community needs to spend some coins. As of this writing, we have 55 billion coins to go.
The second one is fighting 3 flights of sauropod dinosaurs. Carnivores are permitted.


That coin-spending mission is already near completion barely hours into it.


I hope some people don’t miss out because they aren’t able to play until later today

And it’s done. The spend coin community event. Also, the Sauropod battle does count toward Clash of Titans


Yup, I totally missed it. Not one meant for us night owls that sleep late.

180,000,000,000 coins spent in about 3-4 hours. With a place to actually spend coin now this was a fairly easy one for the community.


What was the reward I missed?

Card pack with a creature from the first movie. Minor resources


I was lucky enough to play the community coin challenge and add a bunch of DB to the pot, but yay!..an easy one the comm7nity could destroy was a nice treat to this weeks lineup


Make sure you are checking your news feed this week…


Today’s challenge is a little bit harder. Feed the creatures.

Yeah at least this one wasn’t done before I even woke up!