Weekly schedule 6/6/2022 - 6/12/2022

There goes my chance of winning it. I hope it’s not gonna be too tough, but considering it’s a bracketed one…

It being bracketed pretty much means Dominator type matches from the start (or around hunter league).

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Yeah that’s what I was implying. At least I can hope it’s gonna require a bit less cups than usual (not gonna happen, but let a man dream).

Diving through our collective data, the effect of Rules is unclear. Most Rules tournaments seem to be in-line with standard tournaments of the same length. However, the are outliers. Zalmoxes 5/18/2020) was noticably lower. Erlikosaurus (9/23/2019) was noticably higher.

Addendum: We do have one Aquatic Rules tournament. One of the first Rules tournaments used Aquatic Super-Rares only (Deinocherius, 4/8/2019). This tournament required 325 trophies.


I Guess round lvl20 Vip ferocity

Some light reading in anticipation of this weekend’s bracketed tournament

@Sionsith 's video over a Aquatic Bracketed Tournament

Some discussion on maximizing trophies in bracketed tournaments

And FYI, @Timmah reports that level 12 VIPs work well, most of the time, in regular Bracketed Aquatic Tournaments. Time will tell how that holds up when class advantage/disadvantage isn’t relevant.


I took this week’s tournament as a reason to increase my aquatics ferocity from level 21 VIPs to level 30. I also increased some of my tournament aquatics to level 40s. I knew they would be hungry, but I did not anticipate how hungry, lol. I have more i can fuse, but not enough food. Here’s what i have regarding surface aquatics so far.

I have another level 11 to feed, but i didn’t want to go far below 10 million food.

Will i be able to do FMF strategy with level 30 VIPs?


My strategy during the Umoonasaurus tournament was fodder - level 21 VIP - level 40 Super-Rare or Legendary. This worked most of the time as long as I didn’t have bad class disadvantage (which won’t be an issue here) and earned 40 trophies or near to it.


Well time to do FMF. Not the worst case scenario.


Farewell, Armomata. Maybe next year…


Hah! Ive been waiting for so long for you to join us with sharing that “food shortage” experience … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Welcome! :grin:


Lol, I had 79 million when i started feeding my level 21s, then under 10 million when i stopped. Hoping for more food trades before the tournament starts.


Yes, that precious food start to disappear at incredible rate :rofl:


I noob :cry:

Hmm, I finished in Dominator in the Banana fish Aquatic tournament with L20 Tournaments, L40 legendaries, and a couple of Xinathodon. Since then I have continued to work on various Aquatics but not increased my level, going for depth rather than ferocity. But that isn’t going to help much here without any class advantage and I’m not strong enough for FMF, so I will run out of creatures too quickly. This is my line-up of legendary and hybrid Surfaces

I’m hatching the Mosa I won in last week’s event, plus a 2nd one to fuse with it, and another Xinathodon to get my L10 one to L20. And luckily I just fused for L40 Megalodon

But all my recent efforts have gone into making the new cave hybrid, who is great but won’t help here. I’ll do what I can but I think I will struggle.

At least I bought a 2nd Dunkleosaurus in the hybrid discount event recently. Am going to need him.ĺ


We’re kinda on the same boat, perhaps your latest adjustments will make your life easier. I really hope it’s gonna be enough to reach bottom dom.


I made it with this team . I outsmarted and defeated many opponents stronger than me by using my brain and strategies:)


If somebody didnt try this event yet, the opponents are only parasaurolophus, so choose carnivores. And which one is the most likely reward…?


I did both fights with dimetrocarnus lvl 5. Had some other dinos of the same ferocity with me. Did not need them.
Got the more likely para :wink:

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I found that out the hard way :rofl: