Weekly Schedule - 7/1/2019 - 7/7/2019

Jurassic Mods tournament begins on Thursday for a new elephant. Mods events running concurrently. Clash of Titans shows to have begun yesterday…


@Ned @Andy_wan_kenobi is right the Clash of Titans is either incorrectly stated on this weeks schedule as well as last weeks schedule or there is an issue in game with the event not showing up.

Another MOD tournament? Didn’t Ludia get the message how people didn’t want a MOD tournament? And for a new creature as well… Well, personally, I don’t care how strong this new elephant is (have wolly mammoth anyway) You’re not making me take part in a MOD tournament for a new creature, full stop.


@Sharpestedge_15g - I don’t care much for the Mods either…

In all honestly, I don’t mind MODs. I think they do make battles more interesting, and allow people to put more thought into battle events. But I really, REALLY don’t think they should be used for tournaments.
As you said @DantheMan, the last one was avoidable, because most (not including me) have Titanboa. But this is new creature, this is one no one has. And from the looks of it, one that most won’t get or go through the effort of getting.
If Ludia is going to push hard with MOD tournaments, then don’t make us waste 3 mods, give us the option to use at least one or none at all. That I think would make some people less angry.


The fact that people don’t like MODs tournaments is precisely the reason why they made a MOD tournament for a new creature. They want to lure us in.
I’ll happily skip MODs tournaments (even for new shiny elephant type creatures), unless they happen to feature my beloved floofy tyrant.

What makes me nervous is that the tournament appears to be 4-5 days long since it is starting on Thursday (presumably since it is the 4th of July here in the states). Which means even more MOD’s needed to complete, which means I need to focus on maxing out my common mods to be able to have enough to compete.


They did get the message. People complained then played anyway.

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Titanaboa was a slow moving, low scoring tournament. First place was about 2000 trophies and 100th place was about 900 trophies. Hopefully, this one follows a similar pattern.

@KenO is right. Money talks. People clearly paid and played, or Lydia wouldn’t repeat the behavior.

Still no Clash of Titans…


Okay, understood. And yet many of us only participate because of the rewards that accompany Mod battles.


I don’t know that we can say for sure that people participated or not any more than before, I’m sure a lot of people like me simply didn’t have the mods for that one to participate even close to what we would have for a normal tournament due to how soon it was run after they were introduced, so I expect Ludia would have run another regardless of what they saw in that one. I definitely am on the side of really disliking mods but even more so for tournaments where you don’t know ahead of time which ones you will face, I will NEVER pay DBs which means having mostly only common and rare mods so it’s always going to be a crapshoot if I get thrown legendary mods in a matchup such that I can’t win. It means having to expect some losses in a tournament I normally wouldn’t have, and I already struggle to get to Dominator due to not having enough teams to battle often enough, so for me, there’s little reason to put much effort into it, but even more so if there’s even a chance that it would help ensure they stop running these, and particularly having them THIS often.

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Clash of the Titans.


It is active on my end

Hey everyone, our team is aware of the issue. The problem was addressed, and the event has been extended. Thanks!

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Yup, I feel ya.

I’ve stockpiled 71 Mods so far in advance of this Tourney (Heavily violating my own strict “Zero Mods in the Park,” rule of thumb).

I’m not happy about being coerced into this Mods Tournament but I simply cannot pass on a new creature. GG, Ludia - you got me this time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m not a big fan of mods too, but I do not know what to do with my coins. Because of that I do not have 71 mods, but…more, especially common and rare.

I haven’t stockpiled them so far because they clog up the trade harbor. Welp, looks like you made the better decision right now with the Mods Tournament exclusive on the way…

Make sure you are taking advantage of the extra fuse chamber, my recommendation is to put your longest fuse time in the third and then continue to stack the first two. I also recommend that you do not speed up the first two under any circumstances unless it is for one of the 5 minute common fuse creatures. But on anything else in the first two slots do not speed up the fuse even when it gets to the free speed up, you will thank me later.

Nothing more needs to be said on this.