Weekly Schedule - 7/1/2019 - 7/7/2019

I always speed up in each chamber if it’s for free. Did I miss anything?

When there are only two I do that as well when there are three I will only speed up the third chamber. Try it and see if you like your results better. Make sure you keep all three active.

What confuses me is that you write about the fuse chamber but you picture if from the creation lab.
I know that if I speed up, let’s say the 2nd slot in the creation lab, slot 3 and 4 move one slot forward, meaning that the next spare slot is 4, which is the most expensive one. But this does not happen in slot 1 and it does not happen in any slot of the fusion chamber.

Creation lab = the fuse chamber, I think you are referring to the Hatchery, and yes in the hatchery slots 3 and 4 move forward if slot 2 or 3 finish first.

I call it the fuse chamber since that is where you go to fuse your creatures.

@Tommi I sent you a forum message.


Sorry for misunderstanding you. It’s always the same with these foreigners.

For those who haven’t tried them yet and are apprehensive about 2 pterosaur events today. The unmodded one (Avian Ancestors) only requires 1 pterosaur on each battle and you can use mid-range creatures. The Modded event (Aerial Assualt), on the other hand does increase the required number of pterosaurs and required me to use my my best ones, especially since I had to repeat the final battle.


Yes, the mod event was a really tough one. I had to use one of my very rare clone mods although normally I only try to use one of those mods I can get with coins.


The combination of Mods, high level opponents, and no class advantage is rough


Got lucky on a custom trade for coins for MODs and got a terrify, then got lucky on the rare coin spin and landed a terrify. Used 1 Toxin and two terrifies for the MOD petro event:

After a few turns of just sitting back and blocking:

A few blocks later:

Didn’t attack once on my side, yes Terrify is OP when stacked since it turns your opponents into fluffy bunnies.