Weekly Schedule - 7/15/2019 - 7/21/2019

No surprises in the next week. No new event to compensate us for the lost opportunity to get the Wuerhosaurus.


What is the meaning behind the 3 different dinos listed for the tournament?

Bracketed tournament.

Again?? Why didn’t they have these so often when I actually could benefit from a lower bracket?! Sigh.


I need the Mauisaurus from the weekly unlock event and I do not own a single Pachyrhinosaurus. So, I’m excited

I’d be more excited if my recent experience with being stuck in a top bracket with all the other end game players didn’t teach me that I’m very unlikely to win him anyway. I’ll have to hope that maybe enough of them already have him unlocked that maybe they won’t play as much. I just don’t understand the reason behind making it another bracketed tournament when we JUST had one.

A tournament? Did they fix the tournament issue?
The reward is pretty decent. Half of Pachygalosaurus, the tankiest health tank that ever health tanked, and a royal pain for me whenever he shows up in the opponent team


Hope so
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Looks like a relatively quiet week… Those can actually be quite nice.

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Yeah I sure would love to get him unlocked, even if it will be a LONG time before I could hatch out enough to make the hybrid. I might have to see if I need to level up some of my top dinos, right now most are not maxed up, as I’ve been very patient and gradual at moving them higher, so have a lot of level 12 and 13 VIPs, some of my hybrids at the top aren’t maxed yet, etc. Also helps to keep my CD times down slightly. But I probably have enough to level up should I find that I need to in order to stay competitive. I do have a couple VIPs I could level up from 10 as well, I generally have waited until I had 3 before doing that, but I’m getting so annoyed with the 10K packs never giving me Jurassics anymore that I might just go ahead and do the last couple I’ve been holding off on. (At least the last pack I got gave me the final dino I didn’t have yet, the ceno cavern, but am up now to over a dozen packs opened without a single Jurassic!) And I could also make a Diplosuchus out of my Diplotator… something else I was kind of holding off on until getting a spare Diplotator, esp. since I only have S-DNA enough to make the initial one, but the Diplotator has been gradually falling out of my top dinos, the s-hybrid definitely would benefit me more now, at level 10 having better stats and half the CD time.

Do go for the Diplosuchus. I can’t overstate just how helpful that fellow has been to me. Good stats and short cooldown. I do have 3 of them, but even one at level 10 will do wonders.


Thanks, yeah I hadn’t checked the stats until just now, but as long as the level 10 is at least as good in stats as the level 40 diplotator (they’re better) there seems little reason NOT to fuse him.

I still could use another level 30 or 40 Diplotator when doing PvE’s and starting off at lower levels (I am a bit low on amphis right now in my lower ranks) and I do already have enough for a level 20, so might as well make the level 30 at a minimum… but trying to decide if I should use the extra level 40 Irritator I have to make one of the level 10’s I’ll need (I have lots of extras of all my commons due to the few weeks we had of getting commons from the PvP prize wheel). I wouldn’t ever MAKE an Irritator to fuse as it’s always cheaper to just spend the DNA on the hybrid, but since I do already have an extra, it would only cost me the DNA to fuse him, and any DNA savings I can get is helpful as I’m now at the point of having to spend 20K for some of the ones I’d like to get. But since I’m also nowhere near maxing out my coin production, every dino in my park helps.

Same, I don’t yet have one at lv 40, but even then, it surprising useful to have. Then again, any amphibian is great to have when you’re bombarded with carnivores.

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Watch I bet they’ll make it a mods tourney last minute

Just be mindful that if you’re working on story missions, there are missions that require 25 level 31 amphibians and 30 level 35 carnivores.

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Thanks for the reminder, I did kind of forget about that. I’m good on my carnivores, but that did lose me one of the amphis I need, still a little short on those. I have awhile to get to that one so I’ll definitely be careful about losing any others, like my level 40 legendaries, usually wait to get an extra to make the hybrid but I’ll probably try and hold off until I get that mission crossed off.

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As a newbie to super-hybrids, let me say that Diplosuchus and Monostegatops are much more favorable than their mother-hybrids. Better health, better attack, MUCH better cooldown time.


Yeah now that I have one, I definitely am sold on getting them. Sadly, only have about 200 S-DNA left so will take some time to collect enough to make another. I NEVER do the Code 19s and can’t imagine ever getting good at those so thinking maybe I should try some more modded PvPs. With my luck though I’ll probably never win anything decent off them.

Sheez, I just got a Code 19 and I thought, what the heck, let me try it. I did okay on the first one, failed every other one. What a ridiculous joke. I will NEVER understand having this action game stuck in the middle of a game that has nothing else remotely like it and which has NO way to practice to learn how to play it. It’s the only thing I dislike more than mods.

Anyone do the modded PvPs much? I dislike mods so much but even more so when I don’t know what I will face. Just wondering how often the PvPs throw these super hard ones at you, the way the tournaments do.