Weekly Schedule - 7/15/2019 - 7/21/2019

Same about the Code 19s. The MOD pvp is only worth it if you get the elite wheel, where you can get some good stuff. Just won a Spinoraptor and 50 Sarco DNA from it.

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Code 19, I don’t like them either but a lot of practice made me better. I succeed in most of them now.
I do 3 to 5 mod PvEs per day because I have tons of mods and they very often give me 50 SDNA as reward. This is the equivalent of 4 event rewards which is really great.
To be honest I have to admit that I lose mod PvEs much more often than normal ones but for me it’s worth the try.

Well I can certainly do a few Elite ones each day, I don’t make enough coin yet to really max out the purchase of mods and I want to keep saving for tournaments (esp. if they keep doing them every month!) but it’d definitely be worth it to get that much SDNA. But do you see a lot of the harder mods when doing Elite? That’s my main concern. I’m definitely not wasting any good mods like Nullify on PvPs.

I guess I could try more Code 19s for awhile, if they aren’t dinos I mind losing (thankfully even though I lost one of my best, didn’t need it to finish up my events for the day). I am NOT good at things that need quick reflexes though so not sure I’ll ever get very good at it. And I just am a really, REALLY sore loser. I hate losing things over and over again (my early days playing those PvPs resulted in some broken things, let’s just put it that way). So just not sure I’m up to going through that learning experience again.

Code 19: I lose from time to time and face a cooldown of one day afterwards which makes me wanna throw things too. I hate losing too but I hate not trying more.

I don’t have the feeling that the mods are extremely hard, but the opponents can be, especially if I do not use my strongest aquatics (I only play PvE mod with aquatics).

Just did a jurassic modded PvP, got a super easy match, dinos were well below my AFS and with common mods, so won it easily… albeit took forever to play as the darn AI just kept blocking and never attacking. Reward - 50 sarco sdna. Nice!

Meanwhile had the second half of my failed Code 19 and completely failed that too, to earn absolutely nothing for my time. I’m not bothering with that again. I know I am terrible at these kinds of games (which is why I chose to play a non-action game in the FIRST place, Ludia.) So not wasting my time on these again.

I do almost exclusively MOD PvP now based on the rewards being so much better. Every once and a while I will do a standard PvP and get 5,000 food and 23,000 coin for my two spins on the elite wheel and remember why I only like the MOD PvP now. I will generally use any MODs that I have a plethora of so Charge, Distraction, piercing bite, and Alpha.

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I really like to play the regular Aquatic PvP’s, it’s almost a guaranteed win and the regular Super Rares and occasional Legendary Auquatics you get allow you build quite a nice farming army. It stinks that you get sometimes 4-5 coins/food in a row, but at the end it always delivers.

I do play Jurassic vs. Cenozonic Mod PvP’s regularly though I experience way more losses and I’ve currently not that much use for the S-DNA, but I received a Spinoraptor yesterday, so I’m still motivated to play a few a day (those worthless Piercing Bites, Alphas and commos Mod’s need to go anyhow).

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I still tend to lose the aquatics more than the other, simply because of the small number of classes, and the AI so often being able to swap on a class advantage. I’ve gotten a LOT better at them, but still lose those more than the Jurassics, but agree that it’s the best way to build your fishy army up which is the main reason I do them. Also because the darn VIP packs seem to just not want to give me anything other than surface aquatics (just got yet ANOTHER Tylosaurus, now have 4 of them I haven’t even bothered to hatch out since I already have so many and have so few reefs in comparison that I can’t even level anything up past level 10.)

I also am having more losses with the modded PvPs which I hate almost enough to stop doing them, frustrating thing is they rarely have been due to the mods, but more often due to the AI throwing all its ferocity points into one HUGELY powerful dino in the first spot. Although it does also seem to LOVE using the new mods ( I still have yet to get even a single one of the SR ones in my daily rare wheel spins), so I’ve sometimes not only had that ridiculously overpowered dino in the first spot, but then it will have a class advantage to boot and then use Bind so I can’t swap out. Frustratingly I’ve been playing mainly to try and get more SDNA to make another diplosuchus, and only the first time I played have I won any. I would be beyond ecstatic to win something like a spinoraptor.

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I currently play a lot on the Aquatic Advanced Wheel, so I mix a lvl 20 Legendary, Lvl 10 VIP and /or lvl 30 Super Rare and use each a reef, surface and cave (sometimes two of one sort if I run out). The one with highest energy first and with highest attack on three (btw that Tylosaurus lvl 10 is very good at that last spot) and also stack them in Aquatic- Kryptonite order of the one ahead on my team. Then I drag the meat shield as long as I can and try to lure him to spend all of his points, if that happens it’s usually an easy win (if I’m concentrated and the opposite team isn’t too lopsided).

Can’t complain on the stuff I got so far and working long term on more teams in the Elite wheel, as that one is really cashing out well for me.

I just haven’t had as much luck with the “reserve off a meat shield” strategy with aquatics, because of how often the AI has one of each class as well. It’s a VERY rare one that I can win unless I swap to keep ahead of him, it’s definitely more challenging than the typical jurassic/ceno ones where you have a much lower chance of all your dinos having one on the other side with a class advantage. In cases where he has two or three of one class, than I can more easily use the one of mine that isn’t needed to build reserve, but still need to swap until I get a lineup where that is possible. For this reason alone, the Tylo is one I rarely use in a PvP because I may need any of the classes to be a meat shield.

@Ned can you confirm that there was an intentional reduction in the amount of custom trades given to VIP members previously 3 custom trades has now been reduced to 2 custom trades in a 24 hour period. If possible also the rationale behind it and if the VIP members took a reduction did non VIP members go from 1 to 0?


Hey Sionsith, I’ve confirmed it was intentional.

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@ned Was it intentional to go to one? This is what I ran into on my most recent round of custom trades, or should I put in a ticket. Also curious if there is any insight available as to why the change?

Also you need to tell them they need to update all of their verbiage that still references that VIP members get three trades.

Our team would definitely be able to clarify this better than me if you reach out to them here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key. :sweat_smile:

However, I’ll notify our team on updating the information.

Thanks, @Sionsith.


Wow, that this was done intentionally, something that specifically affects ONLY the VIPs, the players loyal enough to already pay money to play, just tells you everything you need to know about the ethics of this company. If I were on a month-to-month membership, I absolutely would cancel, just to make a point to them. I am so frustrated that I actually trusted this company enough to pay for a full year membership. Well, it may not be much, but I left my scathing review online and I definitely will warn other players about the risks of taking that year membership offer. I cannot possibly imagine they will make more money by taking away this trade than they will lose in good will towards VIPs.

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