Weekly schedule 7/18/22 - 7/24/22

Some camp cretceous events

Tournament can be Suchodus and VIP could be baryonyx, but no 100% sure


Oh god, not an aquatic bracketed tournament, I failed the prior ones.

You still have time to improve your line up.

@Keith, can we get a verification that the tournament is jurassic? I think we have seen it before at bracketed tournaments, that at the weekly schedule it has shown the jurassic symbol, but at lvl 60+ is has been aquatic.

Edit: I seriously need new glasses… I thought I saw a jurassic symbol. Sorry.


You can see aquatic symbol on icon - thats propably means
level 60+++, aquatic creatures - unlock
59 and under - land creatures - one copy


Waiting for the iconography assessment.

Praying it is Suchodus cause it’s the only one I need


Mee too. I need suchodus

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Hi Elin,
The bracketed tournament is:
60+: aqua tournament and gives an unlock
59 and under: land tournament and does not provide an unlock


what are we unlocking? so curious…



Will the Carnotaurus and Nasutoceratops showdowns unlock the creatures?

No, they are special events so they are most likely just 1 copy from the packs. The packs might not even contain the dinos, but rather the enemies you face are Carnos and Nasutos.


Looked through the post about tournament icons meaning that it’s probably Gillicus again.

I think unlikely as they just did that a few weeks ago. Different creatures can share the same
Iconography. I think the that Gillicus shares its iconography with Bananogmius and Suchodus- possibly others.

The desert one could be Baryonyx, but maybe others as well. If Baryonyx then would not be for unlock, but would be for one or two copies.

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I am hyped for both tournaments.
Always happy for an extra VIP-creature, especialy those that are not in the 10/20k packs.
The aquatic tournament will be a good test for my fishes, i have been working on those since a few weeks. The last tournament i did not get to dom was a bracketed aquatic. So i am ready for a revenge :slight_smile:

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I hate those bracketed tournaments, soo much, that I want to stab my eyes off.

Ah, I see. That’s too bad. Would be cool to unlock those two.

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