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Weekly schedule 7/19/21-7/25/21

I really wonder how many of that 100 Mn uninstalled it after they’ve seen such a laggy and glitchy game.

Just curious.


And how many of that 100M are of those who uninstall and reinstalled the game during The Week That Shall Not Be Named in hopes that the glitches go away…


Could it be… Barynonix gen 2!!!


The last gen 2 event was nowhere near this strong what gives?

I was using 1 fodder and 2 decent creatures before, now I get torn apart with this method. :man_shrugging:


Yes, I thought it had ramped up a level. It isn’t really necessary to make it this hard.

Eventually I will be unable to win any more PVE events so I can just give them up…

Well not quite, but F4F beat me this time. I tried the 3rd fight three times with basically similar dinos and lost a different way each time, the unpredictability made it just too hard to fight.


I can afford to lose a few matches and still have enough high end creatures left over to deal with events, but I always panic when I hit a losing streak lol.

I’d even specifically left some creatures for the vip exclusive event and after all of that I realised the vip event is using cenos :man_facepalming:

RR and SV was easier than last week though.

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Megalosaurus again! When will we get another new tournament or common, rare, super rare dino? :sob:


Working on getting to that, bit by bit. It gets so :snail: slow at this level.


Not looking so good for kraken 18… we just passed 4 of 5 billion damage.

Anyone with missions left… beat that kraken up!


I just threw another 200k damage his way, hopefully we just grab it in time, I love the kraken statue.


I should be able to do another 200K damage today. I don’t think I’ll have time for the 300K one though.


I did the 200K damage, but I’m headed to bed now and most of my heavy hitters are on cool down anyway. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’re going to make it.

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With just under an hour left , about 213M damage doesn’t seem reachable for the community event.

It’s frustrating, we are so nearly there but no quite I fear

Actually i was looking at the score and i realised it’s updating every second.
That seems very unusual for the game that has no true pvp interaction. Even in tournaments there’s no actual people competing with each other. Even games with actually pvp action don’t update rankings or scores each second.
So i took 14 screenshots of 10 seconds from 5:40 remaining to 5:31 remaining. So 4 of them were duplicates. So i had data for 10 seconds , 10 scores. Ironically the difference was a constant , 27,648. So the communal damage increasing at a steady rate of 27,648 each second.
Does this mean this event is a scam too. what we players do or do not doesn’t matter at all and everything is predetermined.
The community events for likes and follow do not update each second , hell they sometimes don’t update for hours. This one seems like it’s rigged.
Does anyone else have noticed anything like this before ? Does anyone have any further insight to provide into it ?

We just missed it.


We have theorized in the past that the rate is based on participation and is updated based on damage done over the prior so many hours. To my knowledge no one has tracked the rate over an entire boss battle to confirm or deny this theory.

I do believe activity does weigh in on the score but to the extent it shows up and when it shows up is a mystery.

There are times typically when it’s a herbivore boss that the community runs through it extremely fast in comparison which makes sense with a carnivore heavy game.

Aquatic bosses and Cenozoic bosses (that can’t use Jurassic creatures) are always a challenge for the community at large…

But to think about it… 5,000,000,000 was the goal, if a player completes all of the damage missions it’s like 691,500 damage I think, so we only needed 7,230 players to complete all of the damage missions, we just celebrated 100,000,000 downloads so just needed 0.00723% of “players” to complete the damage missions. You would think it would be a no brainer to complete all the bosses with these numbers.


That’s what i was thinking , if we just retain 0.125% players , completing until 25k damage mission is enough to do 5B damage.