Weekly Schedule - 7/22/2019 - 7/28/2019

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First time I remember seeing a Class of Titans creature in a tournament (Acanthostega). Not sure what the checklist means. Rules, perhaps?


It means some sort of rules applied to it. Like only carnivores, or hybrids only, just a few examples. Not to worried about it, sense I already have a max Arcanthostega, but yeah. First time I’ve seen it in a tournament sense it was the focus of Clash of Titans.

I was thinking it’d be Archelon, given the accidental leak hybrid is made with Archelon, but oh well, perhaps that hybrid isn’t coming out until the last week of July.

I am curious what the next creature for Clash of Titans will be though.

Wow, I would LOVE to get the Arcanthostega, don’t have a single one of him yet… but the rules worries me, that is usually not a good thing for me. Sure would be nice to know ahead of time what they are going to be.

Archaeotherium unlock… meh. I think I already have a lvl 40 of him without having the unlock. And not sure what use these underpowered rare cenos are that don’t have hybrids, don’t think I’ve ever seen a rarity event for cenos… that would actually make them useful.

Two more mod events, hope they aren’t going to be as ridiculously hard as the last ones. I’ve not been able to do more than the first round of the current one, they seem to purposely schedule these with things like tournaments, and give you really high level opponents as also these ones that require all of one class to force you to have to use the expensive mods to complete them. Sorry, not playing along with that. I’ll do whatever mod events come up that I can complete with my selection of rare and common mods, but not paying DBs to complete ones that at best have a Golden Rewards pack, especially since they took the DBs away from those.

I’d be shocked if the next clash isn’t Gorgosaurus. Besides the fact that the community seems to ALWAYS vote for the carnivore, as someone pointed out, it’s half of Gorgosuchus, so that alone is going to garner it a lot of votes.

Still no replacement for the cancelled VIP tournament either.

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In the almost year I’ve been playing, I’ve seen four creatures have both a tournament and a Clash. There’s been four (I think) with two tournaments and one with two Clashes. This is my first with Clash then tournament, although I presume there was at least one tournament before I started playing.

That’s the first time i can look at a Tournament and say “i already have that unlocked”. I feel old.


You must have just missed Acanthostega’s Clash, @Mary_Jo

Yeah I probably wasn’t a high enough level for it yet.

Same, but on the bright side, this means I don’t have to try as hard or even bother trying to unlock, and just focus on maxing out my new pachyrhinosaurus.

A mod event on Thursday, another one on Saturday plus a mod tournament with rules on the weekend.
That’s a little bit too much mods in my opinion. One single mod fight from time to time is interesting, but dozens of them in a tournament consumes too much time.

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Clash of Titans (Gorgosaurus) is now active