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Weekly schedule 7/26/21-8/1/21

Not much of events only 2 unlocks or 3 with the tournament
And an aquatic tournament
Well I wouldn’t say bad but
What do u think


Looks boring

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Still gonna do them tho

Looks like a reef setting, hype, hopefully ludia doesnt drop us another surface or cave though :man_facepalming:

Light week, could this mean a new hybrid next week? :grin:


Well u see i was thinking that its the new aquatic creature that we discussed earlier

I think it is yeah

Gives me time to even my ferocity out with the introduction of my indo’s this week. :raised_hands:t2:


boring week, except if the pvp event is a dna pack or something
Guess more time to play alive then

Not a motivational week. Ludia need to spice the weeks up. I am bored of the same unlocks every week :confused:

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Yea right the last year this game was more fun
Every week had a new thing

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Yeah but weeks like this

I would love a new reef but it’s probably the new mosasaur so it’s gonna be surface. But at least we get a new Unlockable tylo type mosa

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The tournament is probably going to be the new aquatic creature

We shall see, I think it still looks more like an icthyosaur than a mosasaur though.

Trash week

Yep. But if it is a large ichtyosaur it could be surface as well

Maybe Cymbospondylus?

So the next tournament creature is going to be the new Aquatic announced in the poster. @Lucky14 has made a thread about it.

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Maybe they’re letting us rest for a week then the next week will be total madness😂


Yep. At least we have time for the tourney