Weekly Schedule 7/29/2019 - 8/4/2019

All MODs this next week, should be interesting.

Also looks like a new creature in the tournament… either an Amphibian or some Aquatic Surface? What’s everyone’s guess?


Apparently Suchodus is an aquatic crocodyform (relative of crocodiles). New creatures are always exciting.
Interesting to see if it’s Aquatic or Jurassic. It’s a relative of Metriorynchus, wich is a Jurassic amphibian in this game, despite being a marine creature in reality.



Not sure I care about being able to use mods in all the PvE events, more often I would like to NOT be forced to use them in the events that require mods than the reverse. I wonder though if they are going to bump up the difficulty even more than we’ve seen on some of these recently to force players to resort to having to use them. That would seem to fit more in to Ludia’s pattern of trying to force mods on us more and more. I am worried that this is just testing the waters for if they can do this permanently and make all the PvEs harder so we are constantly having to use mods.


One thing i really like about the game’s roster, is that they use many creatures outside of the usual, clished, popular ones. I’d never heard of this Suchodus before now, and even dinosaurs like Tanycolagreus, Unaysaurus or Erlikosaurus, i only discovered through this game.
We are still missing some classics like Carcharodontosaurus and (i can’t believe it’s still not in the game) Brachiosaurus, but this exploration of lesser known creatures is an aspect that deserves praise.


This is a valid concern… While I personally doubt they would do this, it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibilities.

You make a compelling argument, don’t get me wrong… I only doubt it because one would think Ludia would know better than to alienate so many of their remaining player base with this course of action.

They need to QA/QC the ideas that come across their development cutting room floor; they never should have let Mods into the game.

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I only postulate this because the use of mods in tournaments has been SOUNDLY criticized on here and on FB, and yet they seem to be using them MORE frequently instead of backing off. Likewise more mod events during the week. And now this. Or as one astute player on FB framed it: “Almost every player: we hate mods. Ludia: how about more mod events and tournaments”.

Heck, I’d be happy if they just QA/QC’d each new release for bugs… let alone the ideas (which far more likely come from decision makers higher up than the developers… not sure they have a say in this, but that’s just a guess).


Someone on Facebook brought up an interesting point. Perhaps this is in answer to people complaining about overpowered AI due to lack of balance. Using Mods could compensate for that. Of course, that takes additional resources. Hopefully, that’s the case and not what @Mary_Jo is fearful of


Is it voluntarily use of mods next week? Will the ferocity level than be the same as usual so that it is an actual advantage to use Mods?

Those are two very excellent questions. Tune in tomorrow

I did think of that possibility too. As you say, we’ll have to see how the PvEs look tomorrow. I’ll be interested as well to see if there’s any additional cost to using the Mods in a PvE (since you pay more for the modded PvPs).

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I am going to through out a counter thought to most of the trending view point. I have no idea how many people play this game or how many play it as much as those of us that are on the forums do. I would like to think that Ludia has some business sense to them and has researched these changes against the demographics they are trying to hit and the player base they are looking to attract / keep. Perhaps their data is telling them the more MODs the better. They will never be able to make everyone happy but they would be striving to satisfy as much of their player base as they can. Most people do not come to the forums or the FB page is my guess, so when we look to these areas to validate our thoughts we see some of the players that perhaps have a similar mindset of how we approach the game and assume everyone has the same outlook on the changes they are putting out.

I am enjoying the MODs as a change to the game, the boosters were something I never used unless forced to, and the only reason I had so many was due to the daily mission of getting raptor levels. I find myself playing the MODed PvP more often then the standard PvP now days. I enjoy the added complexity to the game they provide. Could they be better, of course they could (I am looking at you Chanda and the DB cost for the SR and Legendary ones), but I am enjoying them all the same. I hope Ludia continues to make updates to the game and it seems they are doing that with a potential new creature this week and mixing it up with some extra MOD events. Time will tell how all of this plays out but I am looking forward to more changes to keep the game fresh and ever changing.


I would like Mods better if they cost less or if I didn’t have to worry about Mod tournaments. I generate enough coins to get 10 common and 10 rare Mods each day. I hoard my super-rare and legendary Mods for some hypothetical point in the future where I must use them. I have spent a few Dinobucks to get Mods, but not many. The tournaments burn through a lot of Mods. I just recovered from the Mastodon tournament when it was time for the Acanthostega tournament. So, I can’t spend the Mods on PVP. All that said, I completely agree that Ludia must be following the data. People must be buying Mods and playing more Modded PVP when compared to Boosted PVP. It takes no special genius to put Dinobucks on sale during a tournament.

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Agree pretty much with you and the Sith. I guess we hoard coz we’re conservative by nature and so trying to save for rainy days ahead. Still, if we never end up spending those savings, or rainy days never come, then why save at all? Basically, my point is, MOD acquisition and requirements introduce such rainy day scenarios where our game-savings find opportunity for use. MODs aside, right now I seem to be hoarding dino bucks, hardly using them, and starting to wonder, why am I hoarding bucks? It’s not like Ludia will ever allow conversion of bucks into real money as rebate back to players, right? (I pray I’m wrong!!!) All to say, I think MODs is work-in-progress towards livening up a game that was gradually receding into monotony. I’ll take a glass half full approach.

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I actually like the Mod’s, I didn’t play the for more than a year and I actually came back stayed because of this new feature. It makes the battle in generally more interesting.

Though I agree also with all who say they are way too expensive (especially Super Rare and Legendary), but on the other hand I finally have some use for all my coins, as the PvP events only require Rare’s or commons so there’s that.

Further on they need to balance the Mod’s more, e.g. Terrify is totally overpowered and e.g. Piercing Bite is absolutely useless.
Some more regulations would be good in tournaments as well, the range of Mod’s you’re facing is just too wide and it can frustrate if you face a very good one or you just waste one of your own.


So it appears you can just add some Mod’s to make it easier, that’s not a bad thing at all, I also can’t see a big change in ferocity on the first view.

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Ferocity seems to be within the standard bounds you would have faced MODs or not. Also the MODs are not required or the number of them. If you want to do the battles normally you can, or if you want to throw in one just because you can do that as well.

It’s a good opportunity to use some Rare “Bind” Mod’s and save up some dinosaurs


Reminds me of a discussion here in Germany about filter bubbles in social media. I hope we all still have our own mind.

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Yeah not seeing any difference in ferocity, so if that helps players that threw their PvE’s out of wack, I’m all for it. Not like I haven’t had some matches that were darn near unwinnable from time to time, like that aquatic match for the unlock I posted a week ago. This would have come in handy then! Finished today’s PvE’s without needing any help.


I like the opportunity to use some of my hundreds of mods in a useful manner.