Weekly Schedule - 7/6/2020 - 7/12/2020

Ok, btw, I also met with a glitch where my dinos have recharged fully but i need to pay like 50 Dbs to use them

Can you contact support+jurassicworld@ludia.com and give them as much detail as possible, Thank You

Not a glitch. Sometimes there is still cooldown but the button turns green for some reason idk why.


There are again four available slots in the creation lab!


Jurassic Key Tour (the gyrosphere) is now live. Thank you for your patience.


100 bucks for a rare or a common creature in the gyrosphere?
I do not know if I should laugh or cry.:smile::cry:


I did both @Tommi, but laughed so hard I started to cry.


I don’t have ANY of the gyropsphere dinos unlocked. (Rare or common.)

It is like they looked at the last 6 months to see who didn’t get an unlock and put all of those dinos in it.

At 100DB, it is way cheaper than buying them, but you don’t get to pick.

(And no, I’m not playing it. I’m too DB poor right now. With a bad trade/loss of 2000 DB, I need to build my safety net back up.)


if it was 50 DB id consider it.

If I get a Monolophosaurus,I might think about it. But no guarantee. So ,no

You were going to…spend about 3k bucks on Mono? I would rather do this 10 times than buying a Mono with straight DB.

All the dinosaurs in the gyrosphere are dinosaurs that currently don’t have an unlock option in the game… So it is normal that you do not have them unlocked.


@Keith, you know about the double Dino glitch?

I forwarded t to the team, no response yet

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There are too many bugs coming out in a few weeks… Anyways thanks

Yep, that was my point. You picked the dinos newer players would need as they wouldn’t have them unlocked.

And it is cheaper than paying DB per each, you just don’t get to pick who you get.

If you need most/all of them, and multiple copies, this might not be too bad a deal

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100 DB…not too bad. Basically using the DBs from daily mission.

Is Pyroraptor and Carnotaurus in there?

Pyrotaptor is,I just won a tyrannotitan which I traded for DNA.