Weekly Schedule - 7/8/2019 - 7/14/2019

One busy week is not yet over, the next stressful week is already on it’s way. Don’t forget to claim 15 VIP points on Twitter.


Looking forward to unlock the new ceno


Hooray for Panochthus!


Finally the fairly new Cenozoic unlock, I will be able to complete my Cenozoic paddock with that little guy.
Well at least until the new hybrids come out that is.


My sentiments exactly! I’m so glad Panochthus is the unlock this week. Here’s hoping it’ll be water battles this week

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I will admit, I was thinking it’d be either creatures used to make the new hybrids (except Archelon). But I am glad we’re finally going to get the chance to obtain a new legendary Cenozoic, even if it’s a tank and not a big damage dealer.

Ah the fun of being a newbie. Every unlock is a new one for me. :slight_smile:

I need to get working on my aquatics again, been putting so much effort into getting my Jurassics to a point that I can be competitive in tournaments I’ve been neglecting the other two areas. But the game seems to really want me to have a good aquatic team as so many of my VIP 10K packs have been aquatics, to the point that I stopped hatching them out. But I definitely have enough other fish now unlocked and tons ready to be hatched that I can get a lot of stuff leveled up and pretty much double the strength of my team, should another aquatic tournament rear its head.