Weekly Schedule 8/03/2020 - 8/09/2020

Megalodon Unlock + Another tournament. Double tournament weeks.

Week 6 in this Calendar Event


From the looks of it, the tournament is going to be on a land dinosaur. Either a carnivore or a herbivore. Community Event would also be much easier if it overlapped with the tournament. Maybe it gives the new decorations listed in Update 45?

I hope it would be Newest herbivore.

Awesome, I need Megalodon. What’s a PVP community event?


Pretty sure it’s a community event based on how many PvP battles the community can do. Generally rewards DNA/DB and maybe a pack.


Arrgh, yet another unlock for Helicoprion… that I can’t get!! So frustrating that after playing for almost a year and a half, I still have three SR aquatics that aren’t unlocked!! This is I think the 3rd time this one has come up… but only for the lower levels. I have every legendary and tournament aquatic unlocked (for some time now) but Ludia frustratingly not cycling these SR ones around to everyone.

@Daven - please pass on our frustration with SR aquatics unlocks not being given to the higher level players. When I look at what I have left to unlock, it’s kind of ridiculous that more than half of them are SR aquatics.


@Mary_Jo add Psephoderma to that list!! We need him too for Dakoderma but higher level players just don’t seem to have any good chance for him!

Yeah I am not missing that one, but it has been awhile since it was available for higher levels. Leptocleidus is the one that has been a really long time since an unlock. Elasmosaurus is the other one I missing, no unlock at ALL for that one since Feb last year. The surfaces aren’t all that important since they aren’t hybrids… just really annoying to still be needing them.

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I think it’s an existing Carnivore. If it is Lythronax/Metria/Gorgo/Yutyrannus, I can celebrate my birthday on Sunday with Dominator League victories :joy:


Oh I would really love for it to be a Metria, Gorgo, or Troodon (Yuty is a battle stage unlock I believe).


Battle Stage 87


True. But still, an early unlock does save some effort to level up all the way just for the battle stage unlock. Now most probably Eryops will win the CoT so that’s 2/3 Amphi Tourneys with easy unlocks.


Troodon is what I hope for

Looks like an amphibian now that I looked closer. There’s an area of water beside it. My money’s on Proterogyrinus, Acanthostega just had an unlock and there’s like 3 amphibian tournament creatures. Unless it’s a new one.

They’re probably going to throw a curveball at us and say it’s uh Darwinopterus. :laughing:

Don’t give them ideas

I don’t think it will be Proterogyrinus, it may be something new…

What’s the worst tournament creature?

In terms of ferocity it’s Deinocheirus.

“Because why not”