Weekly Schedule - 8/12/2019 - 8/18/2019

Glad to see the unlock, that’s a hybrid I haven’t been able to make yet, but already have one that I got on the aquatic Mod prize wheel! Plus another 4-day tournament.


The standard creature unlock is only two days where it is normally three. Good creature to unlock if you are trying to create the best aquatic hybrid.

The Tournament unlock means a very busy one since it is a very high value unlock as the best flyer in the game:

I wonder if the low event schedule on Wednesday is when we can expect the update going live and they are trying to minimize the the potential impact.

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Wow Metriaphodon Unlock, that’s sick. I had to fully evolve 8 Metriacantus for it, the only Tournament Hybrid I’ve already unlocked.
Anyhow one of these beasts costs 60k DNA so still worth for me to get one.

Yeah I assume that’s why it’s a long 4-day tournament. I’m not going to have any expectation of getting the unlock, and frankly, it’s way too soon for me to have this one anyways, but the last couple tournaments have been pretty successful for me, so here’s hoping I can manage to sneak in there, would be my first hybrid unlock via a tournament.

Maybe this tournament ends on Sunday. If that’s the case it is not longer as a normal one.

That seems unlikely, they always seem to run through the weekend.

And they always seem to start on Friday. It is an unusual tournament, so we do not know.

It’s not the first 4-day one… the Mastodon mods tournament ran for over 4 days as well (also Thursday through Sunday/Monday morning). Not sure if there have been others before that one. I’ve not yet seen a tournament that ends on the day shown on the schedule, they always have ended in the morning of the following day (as in the case of the VIP tournament ending this morning, for instance). At least in my time zone.

It’s funny not too long before the indominus tourney I considered getting one and I’m decently close to getting metra. Will they ever do a pachy or yudon tourney?

Possibly, I thought they would never do the high end hybrids, but this will be the second one so it’s got a high probability.

Agreed, i was very surprised. I got Gorgosuchus and spent maybe 3k Dino bucks and well worth it. I’ll spend that and even more if needed for this weekend. But my lineup is way better than back then so we will see.

Be mindful that day one of the tournament will be going against 2 other Jurassic events, assuming everything is as advertised

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All my PvE’s look pretty tricky, with all Jurassic’s now on cool down due to the Tournament, I’ll probably skip all of those (Climatic shift pack not worth it anyhow).

The rarity rumble starting with 2 x Survival MoD’s in the first round. Could do some Nullifies, but dun have the Dino’s in the moment.

If I remember correctly I did nullifies all the way through that event.


I’ve only done one so far but stupidly wasted two Nullifies on it (only needed one on the second dino). Oh well… I’ll try to plan the rest of them more carefully if I do finish it out.

I used Nullifies on two rounds. If I had to do it over, for the round that had Terrify in the first spot, I would use a Bind on my first creature so it couldn’t swap out

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Bind I am finding is quite useful for PvEs. I’d never use it in PvPs so it’s a good way to dump them too.

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Speaking of the Mod battle, did anyone else have the AI gain action points after the creature with Adrenaline Rush died, twice no less

Finished it off without using any more Nullify, using Bind made that second one very easy to do, the opponents were not so powerful that I needed to do anything on the 3rd other than toss in something powerful enough in the last spot to deal with the extra point(s) from the AR, that was the only dino I used that I would typically save for the tournament but only a 5 hour CD time so shouldn’t be a big loss. Can’t speak to your question @Andy_wan_kenobi since in my battle, that dino was the last one I killed.

@Andy_wan_kenobi, Adrenaline Rush works even if the dino is dead… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: