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Weekly schedule 8/16/21 to 8/22/21

A pvp event
A tournament that I have seen before but can’t remember
And 3 unlocks the carnivore, the aquatic and dracorex
4 actually if the salamander 16 comes
This week is a bit nice
What do u think


Cant remember if that was used for trike g2 or not


Tree gen 2 event is good

That was used for trike gen 2 I have a good :brain:

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Lets just hope it’s not a week long aswell :man_facepalming:


The iconography for the upcoming tournament was previously used with both Triceratops Gen 2 (12/28/2020) and Gorgosaurus (4/19/2021).


it should by trice 2 tourney

i think triceratops gen 2 because we had one gorgosaurus 4 months ago and triceratops gen2 8 months ago so most likely triceratops gen2 should come

Oh triceratops g2 ha
That should be interesting

It’s most likely Trike G2 because of Dracoceratops, but there is a possibility it could be Gorgo because they share the same iconography.

Edit: @Andy_wan_kenobi beat me to it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The tournament is trike gen 2. Most likely not gorgosaurus.

Yeah the tournament is indeed trike gen 2. Tournament background is exactly like trike one from december 2020. At least ludia didnt make those two tournaments in the same time, like they did with armormata release


Cries in still no pachyrhino.


Well that worked well didn’t it … like with the dual tournament for Dilophoboa… I am very glad not to be trying to do that again. After getting well ahead with Dilo and setting all that effort vanish down the plughole


Finally a Tyrannosaurus gen 2 event.
I don’t even have a copy!

Hopefully the tourney is Trike Gen 2 which i need.
Not necessarily gonna rush to create the “Rat”, but every unlock is helpful and im sure eventually I’ll need/want the hybrid.
Also should be an easy week to finish unlocking CoT and knock it out in a day or 2.

So really the lesson here is if you miss out on a tourney dino, no sweat.

Just wait for the dino to get a hybrid release and ludia will regurgitate the tournaments needed.

Dont get me wrong I’m glad you guys can get the unlocks easy, but it really just makes the tourney hybrid have less value IMHO when players are able to get a second shot at the components needed for the hybrid on release.

This definitely didnt happen with gorgosuchus or yudon if I remember right.


@Andy_wan_kenobi and @OstaposaurusBae both beat me to saying this but it’s likely trike g2. Reason being ludia released the Rat the same week as the Draco tourney, then the next tourney ’ iconography is either trice g2 or gorgo. Coincdence? I think not buuuuut what if ludia goes opposite and does another gorgo tourney? Probably won’t since we’ve recently had a gorgo tourney and a gorgo COT, but what if?
Edit: some of yall also mentioned all of that I think

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There are several creatures that haven’t had a tournament since the current iconography system was introduced. It could be one of them. It could be a new creature.


Well know in a couple of days