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Weekly schedule 8/16/21 to 8/22/21

yeah I’m not going for it if its a week long, I can’t spend the days of my life on this game :joy: :rofl:

Hey guys guess what
This is such a coincident that my cash is now 77,777

Cool, but that’s more something you would post in the good news thread not weekly schedule.

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sorry we will have to flag this post because this post should be in good news thread

I am very crying, my account was reset on march, so, now I have just few tournament creatures unlocked

(Deinocherius, eucladoceros, Einosaurus, Megalosaurus, Deinonychus, albertosaurus, Secodontosaurus, Mastodon, Metriacanthosaurus, Ornithocherius, Ummonsaurus, platecarpus and Metriaphodon.)
Even I am happy I have Metriaphodon so soon I can say, but I am worried I missed titanoboa - my fav. tournament cave, but I am happy I can already win land tournaments from since indonimus rex gen2 (also unlocked btw) and I was lucky i have unlocked deinonychus, that was a miracle for me.
So now I hope the next tourney is trice 2 bec. I want unlock Dracoceratops preferably, same as I unlocked Metriaphodon.

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If the tournament is for trike gen 2 it would be nice as almost have a maxed trike gen 2 and I’m gonna to lose it for the hybrid


I’m so confused…


They’ve done this with the majority of the tournament hybrids though, it’s not something new. Zalmonodon was released with the zalmoxes tournament. Armomata was released with both Mosasaurs Gen 2 and Nodosaurus tournaments. Segnosuchus was released with Segnosaurus active. Megarchelon was released with the archelon tournament, and so on. And it wouldn’t make sense to make tournament creatures exclusive, since JWTG is all about collecting as many creatures as you can, so it’d be counterproductive to make creatures exclusive, especially when some of them are then needed to create hybrids.


I understand this, but theres been countless opportunities to unlock the components of these hybrids in the past, then when the hybrid gets released they just recycle these creatures straight away, which just makes the hybrid seem cheap. And easily accessible.


Well speaking entirely personally, for this one I’m really hoping they do re-release Trike gen 2. I remember watching him with longing from a distance as I fought to stay in Predator. I’m not fussed about the hybrid at the moment, but I do want Trike 2!


So you’re saying if someone started playing after a tournament creatures release or just a month or 2 before , they should not be able unlock its hybrid in a foreseeable future.

I think @Aether_12 is saying they should release the hybrid, but not the components at the same time. Making the hybrid more valuable initially and then after a few months or in a rotation they can release its components.

Releasing them at the same time makes it less valuable of a tournament when you picked up the components originally.


Not saying that at all.

Look at it the other way, why should older players work to unlock tournament creatures just so ludia can recycle them on their hybrid release.

I’m glad you guys get a shot at the hybrid components I really am, but for us older players that strived to get the unlocks prior, it feels a bit meh tbh and makes the hybrid less valuable imo.

If plesiosuchus got a hybrid and then didnt release its tournament I’d accept it and work on other things while waiting for its next release, but if it got recycled that same week and I won it easily, well the other players that worked hard to get it a year ago must feel like they did that tournament to get the unlock all for nothing.

Okay , that’s a different perspective than me.

And I do agree with @Aether_12 releasing them again when the hybrid is released does make the hybrid less “exclusive” initially. I would also think that Ludia would be able to extract more money from folks if they released a hybrid after a while of the tournament and before the next tournament offering so those that have put in either the time of playing to acquire the ingredients or spend the money to create a hybrid right away.

Similar to how they did the Gen 2 for Trex and raptor. They only allowed you to win single copies building up to the release of the hybrid and then they released the hybrid, if you didn’t put the time in you could have paid for copies instead.


Why alway they put the same creatures every week (Utah, Hatzegopteryx, Labyrinthodontia, Bonitasaura for example) what about the other common creatures and the others.?


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I have mine maxed soon so i can now focus on getting my dna back for dracorex

Hey guys did u get the triceratops gen 2 tournament in ur battle page ??
I did not get it

Close the game and reopen.

It is another 7 day tournament. :weary: