Weekly Schedule - 8/19/2019 - 8/25/2019

One busy week gone, well, not yet, another ahead of us. Four days tournaments may become usual, sigh.
No rest for the wicked.


Lots of Cenozoic events. It seems like there may be a bit more balance with only Thursday having 4 events

4 day long tournament for a shiny hybrid pterosaur kinda makes sence. But Archleon? I like him fine, but not THAT much. Tbf, it’s probably because of the new shiny shark hybrid, but aquatics are not really my thing.

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Yes, it’s definitely for the new aquatic hybrid. But 4 days two weeks in a row is REALLY unnecessary.

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Darn it, after the only Torunament Hybrid I already had, also the only tournament Aquatic I have is available in the tournament . @Kiarash_Bahar is also totally right, Archelon isn’t worth a 4 days tournament.

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Well, Archelon is used to make the new shark hybrid. (So that makes some sense), but I’m not really growing fond of the 4 day tournaments that they’re going with.
Adding to that, is how they also have other battle events going on smack bang alongside it. So it a choice between either power turtle, or normal battle pack.

On an upside however, I am liking how they’re changing the order for some battle events, so Monday isn’t as chocked busy as normal. And Saturday and Sunday, are actually rather balanced with the amount of battle events.
But fighting for fusions with Cenozoic creatures? That’s rather interesting.


Is the new Aquatic Hybrid going to be Megarchelon? Wasn’t that already released in early July?

Wasn’t officially released. They had a brief window where it was available which quickly closed. Speaking of, those of you that got it in July, did it unlock?

During the update for the Spinosuchus, it was accidentally released alongside the Smilodon hybrid (keep forgetting it’s name). But both were quickly taken out. Still, helped me and others know what’s used to make it and begin preparations.(Which I’ve now done with an archelon and megalodon, hehe)

Basically, it was like the Savannah legendary hybrid accidentally being released all over again except two hybrids.

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Does anybody happen to remember what type of battles are in the “Battle For Survival” PvE event?

I have some indoraptors waiting in anticipation for it… but if it’s not one of those crazy almost unwinnable PvE events, I might just use them in the tournament right now because I’m getting impatient haha!

@Lora_Green on the amphibious assault you just need to out smart the opposition with MOD placement, no need to use up all your good amphibians.
Battle 1:

Battle 2:

Was able to rack up ten action points on this one with the way adrenaline rush kicks in late:

Battle 3:

I was not to sure how the toxin would kick in so that was a bit of a nail biter when I got to that one but luckily my distraction kicks in before his toxin does.

When it got to the last guy I just ensured I had a full reserve before taking out the second guy and this event was done.

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Thanks for the feedback on this event winning is not the issue I have just been so busy not sure if I will get the chance to before it’s gone so thanks again Sionsith for the advice

I just finished the event to get it over with just in case I couldn’t play later

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Those MoD events are just for fun, coz the rewards are just flat out terrible.

I actually do like the concept as it adds additional tactical options for the battles, but that’s just yet another decent idea with poor execution by Ludia.

I also don’t understand why they’re so stingy with the rewards (I’m sure the majority of players don’t get tempted by a Golden Rewards Pack anymore)?
Solution could be very simple, add a MoD Pack as a reward and people would really like this event. You might win some or lose some, but would be fun for everyone to play, people might also spend their DB’s on MoD’s if there’s a chance that you can win something nice.