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Weekly schedule 8/23/21 to 8/29/21

The rare creatures unlock week
So many unlocks but only 7 unlocks to me
The four rares, trice g2,therazinosaurus and elasmotherium
And get ready for an aquatic tournament and boss event :wink:


And guys this gave me an idea
What if we get an update that we could have the aquatic bosses too
Like placing their paddocks in the ocean out of the island or make some extra rooms in the lagoon itself
What do u think :thinking: :smirk: :eyes: :relieved:


my earth shattering career finally came to an end i guess i will finally unlock therizinosaurus and monolophosaurus

So those r the only once u need to unlock

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Thats so cool

i feel sad tho because i made my first hybrid due to earth shattering and many hybrids like spinoraptor,ankylodocus,ophiacomimus AND carnoraptor etc

In three years of gameplay, I have never seen the Community defeat Colossus 04. I wonder if this will be for the Gold or Regular statue? Last time for for the Gold. The Community has dealt 5 billion damage to an Aquatic Boss in 3 days once, and that was against Kraken 18 so the Surfaces were extra effective and it was the first time the Gold Kraken Statue was offered. With the lack of similar Reefs, I fear the Community will need either extra time or a lower goal. Or both.


yea i think so the community needs more time because many players dont have good aquatics including me

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the best one i can use is lvl 20 kronosaurus

Tournaments, Tournaments everywhere… :weary:


So annoying, finally a good week and School is just restarting

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Atleast its just school to u
I am having exams like 10 of em

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6 of them r from school, 3 r from byjus and the remaining 1 is an aptitude test​:sob::sob::sob:

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Is that VIP tournament Aquatic one (I mean: will aquatic creatures will be used) or is the prize aquatic (and we will use jurassic creatures)?
If it is aquatic, then I guess it’s time for me to do some serious upgrades (VIP 20 to VIP 30)… :thinking:

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i think probably tusethetus or rhomaleosaurus or plotosaurus will come in this vip tournament but this week is a break for me

Looks like the next tournament is an Aquatic, and I thought it’s going to be Spino Gen 2 or Para Gen 2 tourney since Spinosaurolophus (I’m not sure if that’s how the new hybrid is called) is coming out.

it will be out probably this friday

The iconography most closely resembles that of Dunkleosaurus (3-22-2021), which isn’t a VIP.

With an Aquatic Boss concurrent to the tournament, as much as it pains me to say this, I hope the tournament uses Jurassic creatures. Without any preface to the tournament of being an Aqua Tournament or a Cenozoic Tournament, I think we can 95-99% assume that the tournament will use Jurassic creatures

The last non-bracketed Aquatic tournament for for Plotosaurus (9/16/2019)

This is how it was designated. Notice the Aquatic symbol


I’m pretty sure the tournament will use Jurassic creatures. The Platecarpus one did.

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Another weekend off! Time to catch up on CoT.