Weekly Schedule - 8/5/2019 - 8/11/2019

All non VIPs do not have to face a tournament and a boss event next weekend.

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Hooray for Synthetoceras! Now i’ll finally be able to fuse the hybrid.


Yes, I don’t yet own even a single one!

Well at least the boss event is aquatics and the tournament jurassic. That helps. With my aquatics still all at under VIP lvl 10, that’s going to be quite a grind for me to get very far.

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As much as I’m split on MODS in general, I will admit. I did like that fact they allowed you to use MODS in all battle events for this week. It was like, say if you face a combination of foes that you’re struggling against, you can choose to cheese them with a MOD. So I am hoping they do these option MOD uses more often in the future.

As for next week. Thought they’d release Synthetoceras or Smilodon given they’re new hybrid. I am surprised to see the VIP tournament for a Wuerhosaurus is finally returning (sense they canceled it after the issue with the Mastodon loyal point glitch).

As for the boss, yes! I think it’s a good touch to add the creature the boss actually is instead of it’s Title, that way, people can think. (Okay, megalodon for the next boss, better work on reef creatures).
I will say though, I have a sneaky feeling that given the boss for the weekend, it might be a hint at the megalodon hybrid that they accidentally released could be coming out next week.

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Fun fact, i’ll be on vacation next weekend, so my biggest worry in the world (:joy:) was a Yutyrannus weekend tournament. I’m like super relieved right now.

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Pliosaurus is the only non-tournament or hybrid I need to unlock, so I hope they have an event for it soon.

Am I correct in remembering that the community failed to unlock Colossus the last time we tried?

What, you don’t play on vacation? What dedication is that? :rofl:

No, don’t think we did unlock the Colossus, or I’d have the statue. I have a feeling it’s not uncommon for players to be in the same situation as me and not have real leveled up aquatic teams, particularly when even the hybrids are super expensive. Doesn’t help that reefs seem to be the hardest to get (certainly the VIP one is).

Ludia did tell us the loyalty points bug was why the tournament was cancelled and that they would rerun it… but I think most of us expected it right away, not that they would just insert it into the schedule whenever the time for the next VIP tournament came around again. Not sure if this is earlier than would be normal for one, but having it at the same time as a boss event does kind of stink regardless.


Uggh and wouldn’t you know it, a trade offer of 11K LPs for Henodus just popped up in my TH… and I’m just 1K short to buy it. REALLY wishing I’d saved them instead of getting that last 10K pack (resulting in yet another Tylo) instead!

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You need to build up a reserve of 20-40k VIP points it takes some time but once you have the reserve you can be ready for those trades and any 20k/50k packs that pop up that you might want.


Yeah I know, I’ve tried to do that a couple times but patience is just NOT one of my virtues and until recently I was pretty much okay with whatever the 10K packs gave me, and just hated waiting to find out what the next one would have for me. With 6 Tylos now sitting unhatched because I don’t need them right now, that’s no longer the case. I personally though would not pay for the 20K and DEFINITELY not the 50K packs, but I do want to keep enough in reserve to get these trades when they come up. I’m already noticing though how much longer it is taking me to build back up to the 10K without that extra custom trade (also since I’m doing more modded PvPs which very rarely give them compared to the regular). I’ll have to decide which ones I most want to buy… kind of torn between the Henodus since my lack of reefs is the ONLY thing holding me back from leveling up all my VIPs past 10… or getting another level 11+ Apatosaurus (one of the Jurassics I’ve gotten very few of, but BOY is she nice to have for a meat shield, particularly in these tournaments where so often I’m way overpowered). If either one of those come up again when I have the funds, not sure I would want to hold off on buying them.

The problem I have, is I always use VIP points on the prize drops for get any unique creatures (Mainly those that I haven’t unlocked or don’t have at all, aka Titanoboa) So that’s almost 5’000 loyalty points gone.
Still, a month is plenty of time to get 50’000 loyality points.

I do the lottery as well, and yeah, it’s a LOT of points lost to it. But yeah it’s nice getting the VIPs that aren’t in the pack (there’s still several I have yet to get… I keep getting Tylo’s and Thyla’s from the lottery as well!)

Talk about luck though…after posting that I would not hold off on getting a Henodus if it showed up, would you believe it showed up AGAIN in my trade harbor? And I was only about 120 points short. So I figured, let’s try playing some PvPs and see if I can get them so I can buy it. Spent about an hour and didn’t land on the LPs a single time… and was just about ready to give up, was playing one last time, and instead of landing on points, I landed on the Golden Rewards pack! The points I needed and then some! So now have a brand-new Henodus hatching out… a couple more of those and I’ll feel ready to level up all my aquatics to the next level.

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Sigh…and due to missing some of my usual lottery purchases I had to pay 150 Db to get the diamond prize this week…only to get this for it. Cant even get something different from the lottery!

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Just got another offer in the Trade Harbor for Henodus. That’s the 3rd one in two days. I wonder if it has something to do with the boss event this week that it’s showing up so often? Sure wish I had another 11K points to be able to buy it. I expect once I build up again, I won’t see it again for a LONG time. Really is making me rethink doing the lottery too… it seems to have the same really high chance of dropping Tylo (or Thylaco’s, the other one I have more than I ever use) that the 10K packs have. Really bites to put all those points and other resources into the lottery only to get something I have no use for right now.

At least all these Tylos I now have finally came in handy, the unlock event today I was able to complete in one run with using 1-2 Tylos on each round. But still have 6 that I haven’t even hatched out.

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@Ned might want to let the folks know that their timing is off.

Just got this in my news feed this morning:

However when looking at my events to complete they have already switched over to diplosuchus SDNA:

Working as intended or not?


Well, last time they gave us a full week to at least get more S-DNA for Monostegotops. Which if you spent that whole time doing battle events and tournaments, you would have been close to getting your second one.

Was sort of hoping to do the same here with Spinotasuchus. Just have to wait and see what the Boss Battle gives as S-DNA.

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I am in the same boat in that I am about 150 SDNA away from my second and with today and this weekends events was going to easily land on my second creature.

On a side note I hope VIP folks have their aquatic creatures ready for this weekend…
There will be:
The Aquatic Boss event
The one day tournament
And the standard VIP PvE pack


Strange, mine did not switch and I hope they will not before the end of this weekend. I only need 90 SDNA for my next Spinotasuchus.

Update: Mine switched now too.

This aquatic VIP tournament is going to have an extreme impact on my participation in the boss event.
I need my strongest VIPs for the event and I will not go for the 500k or 1mio damage missions with some super rares.
If Ludia is really mean the VIP event will be an aquatic too.

@Sionsith, do you think the event is aquatic because it has a blue background?

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Boss Event, VIP Event and VIP Tournament all Aquatics?!? That really sucks, also the weekly schedule clearly showed Jurassic for the VIP Tournament, why changed?

Hard to understand and it’s no surprise that more and more people start to question the benefits of the VIP membership.

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