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Weekly schedule 8/9/21 to 8/15/21

If it’s him i will do the tourney because i don’t have him

It was Tupuxara, another Ptero (Darwinopterus? I’m not sure) and Edestus. We had a theory that the Ptero vote would split equally and let Edestus win a vote at last!


Keep the good news coming! I’ve been checking FB for the cot announcement for days now (I don’t follow the schedule but it felt like time for the reveal).:partying_face:


Definitely glad Edestus won!
Need more quality tourney aquatics to go with my VIP’s.


Dimorphodon unlock on Monday to go with the Metriacanthosaurus… that’s quite well-planned!


Ah I remember now, i think I even started the thread lol thanks for jogging my memory :sweat_smile:

So out of the aquatics now I just need gillicus and that beautiful plesiosuchus which I missed out on not long ago… :man_facepalming:

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I hope it’ll be a pterosaur. I really need more pteros and my lineup is overflowing with carni and herb.

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ludias perfect plan

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Well most of us r thinking it is as drecorex
So ill give u 10 0/0 chance of not the herbivore drecorex

but the background for the tournament looks like the one for draco

Everyone thought it was metriacnthosaurus for the current tournament and it was exactly that.

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Is the dimorphodon event not today?
I do not see it in the event list

Its a drecorex and guess what
If u win and unlock it then u will fuse it to get drecoceratops

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Just let it update. Sometimes the special events are not available for sometime. I once had an 30min delay. I didn’t know about schedules back then and a earth shattering was a pleasant surprise.

How are you sure of this? So far there are indicators but no sure announcement.

It just appeared!

Caz there’s a drecorex hybrid coming
See in the news box of ur game

I know. I’m just speaking about the Tournament.

Some events on Monday seem to not always appear right away. CoT is one of them. I’ve done events and since CoT hadn’t shown up yet, it didn’t count toward it.

Just leave and renter the game and the events should appear.

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The tournaments probably draco since dracoceratops is coming out

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