Weekly Schedule 9/07/2020 - 9/13/2020

  • Battle Study? Wonder what that is.
  • Kraken 18 Boss
  • Annnnd…Mosasaurus CoT. People who voted for this will be excited until they reach level 90.

Week 3 in this Calendar Event


Mosasaurus, nnnnoooooooooooo :sob:


Recycle week again

I was so looking forward to unlocking a tournament hybrid after this CoT, bummer.


Since mosa is a battle stage unlock we wont unlock it after completing the cot?

CoTs always unlock. I vowed to only do the CoT for the resources and trade away the Mosa and I’ll keep the promise. Sort of hoping Ludia makes ANOTHER mistake on this CoT and the Mosasaurus Pack gives us the unlock for a Metria or Gorgo :wink:

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Kraken is cave, right?

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Yes it is. We probably wont achieve the goal again since aquatic bosses are the ones that people struggle with.

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Well, just like last time the CoT unlock has class advantage, but will come too late.

Hatch your surface fishy’s everyone.

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Glad it’s a cave. We have plenty of surfaces.

Isn’t Kraken the one we’ve never defeated before?

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Kraken was defeated in August of 2018, which may have been the first time the Community took her on. This was just before I started playing


Battle Study? Guess that is new.
Only event I am going to do this week is probably the Ostafrikasaurus unlock and Boss.

Well I hope Ludia doesn’t study my strategies and make the bots smarter :joy:

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One thing that may really help is that there’s no tournament at the same time. And of course a cave should be the easiest to defeat. Still, I’ll be interested to see if Ludia does what they should have done with these aquatic bosses and dropped the goal based on the previous boss events that we failed on.


So happy there isnt a tournament this weekend.


I don’t remember what the damage goal was the first time the boss was released (when the community was successful). However since then the goal was 10,000,000,000 we failed at about 6,572,026,880 damage dealt, the next time the goal was lowered to 7,000,000,000 and we failed at 5,191,131,648. The last one was a four day offering I don’t know how long the 10,000,000,000 damage one was.


Based on Facebook schedules, it looks like we had 3+ days, Friday through around noon Eastern time on the Monday following.

So, been offline for a little over month due to illness. Are there specifics for the boss battles?

Presumably, we will use Aquatic creatures. If you’ve participated in other Boss Battles, it will be similar

Are the raid battles during certain hours of the day? I’m trying to find info to catch up to speed but having trouble. Is there a discord channel for Jurassic World Alive?