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Weekly schedule 9/13/21 - 9/19/21

Oh an Instagram event
The snake boss and a tournament which I have never seen before
Got any ideas?? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Ooooh, Cenozoic creature Tournament? If I haven’t unlocked this, I am almost sure I will grind from day itself. :crazy_face:


I think we launched our topics at the same time

Finally my last land unlock and xiphactinus for me and finally a 3 day tournament


Any ideas what tournament is it going to be? Titanoboa? Gigantgophis?

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Probably a savannah

Maybe something new :woman_shrugging: who knows

Well I want something new

Our topics got merged we released them in the same time

Oh ok so u also wanted to post it

But I’m fine with it

I think we should try to guess what can come next in the tournament

My guess is urtinotherium

My yet-to-unlock Cenozoics are Urtinotherium, Gastornis, Arctodus and Kelenken. In the exception of Arctodus, the other three are also the only existing Savannah Tournament non-hybirds. It’ll probably be one of those three unless it’s a new creature.


I think we should examine every tourney Savannah creature’s iconography

Back to 3d tournament , now I can’t slack off 5 days of tournament. Finally xiphactinus , i missed it somehow now i get to unlock it . But that xinathodon is so expensive.

xiphactinus for high levels :slight_smile:
Touirnament tips: Gastornis, Kelenken, urthinotheruum.

Is ouroboros cavern?

A Cenozoic boss , we’re not going anywhere near completion unless we can use Jurassics .

This may be some of old savnnah creatures or maybe even something new. I’ve seen all iconographies of tournaments until april 2020 (thats when weekly schedule pictures start to look like these today). So there are two options, new sawannah creature or just the old one that didnt have iconography yet. We’ll see

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