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Weekly schedule 9/13/21 - 9/19/21

The best sawannahs are decent but not good enough. With cenozic bosses the one that we actually may fight with just cenozoics and this is maelstrom (snow, deer) that we can wipe out with dilopohoboa.

My top lineup of savannahs, its not good enough…

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cant find that tournament background, which means:

  • Old ceno savannah: Kelenken, Gastornis, Urthinotherium
  • new ceno savannah (maybe also cavern
  • new land
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Typically, we are able to use Jurassic creatures against Cenozoic Bosses


That’s what I’m hoping for , but don’t wanna dream too much.

Unlikely. The iconography is from the savanna biome of the biodome.

I don’t think so. Normally new dinos get custom iconography. Existing dinos get basic and/or reused iconography, like from that of paddocks.

3 options are (notice the acacia tree and the massive viewing window behind it):

  1. Gastornis (last tournament 1-20-2020, never in CoT)

  2. Kelenken (not listed on tournament spreadsheet, CoT unlock in 2-2020)

  3. Urtinotherium (not listed on tournament spreadsheet, never available for CoT)

Honestly with Urtin not being available for unlock since the Ceno reshuffle (unless she’s a battle stage unlock), my bets on her, but it’s honestly a 3 way tie. Gastornis is the 2nd longest wait and her unlock was only in a tournament, meanwhile Kelenken was a CoT winner thus would have been unlocked to more players.

Im hoping for Gastornis because she’s the last Ceno I need unlocked, and so I can get her to L40. I’ll also take Urtin since I need more copy of her to get her to L40.


Would love gasto

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im not gonna do the tournament. i want to rest

I would say the tournament is Gastornis!


the thick bird stats were great but it is nerfed i think gastornis will come

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Looks like pre nerf stats. It has less than a third of that health and less attack.

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Most likely it is Gastornis. That teaser background looks exacty like this week tournament iconography

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Just for info, his stats was rebalanced, now he is that, what I am calling “Fast killer”

(screen from youtube)


Ludia messed up


wow really??
Will this make a new hybrid or what to the new release icon

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not another tournament creature!!
I hope not

Wait whaaa

This says xiphactinus
now this says haufff something Dino

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Maybe it’s a glitch

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Its fixed now

That’s a lot of dna

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Here is my Cenozoic lineup