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I need to look for other unusual unlocks that I have got years back.

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Common : Tuojiangosaurus, Pelicanimimus, Coloborhynchus

Rare : Nasutoceratops, Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Corythosaurus, Pyroraptor, Tyrannotitan

Super Rare : Metriorhynchus, Aerotitan, Rajasaurus, Parasaurolophus, Supersaurus

Legendary : Suchomimus, Sarcosuchus, Prionosuchus, Dimetrodon, Scaphognathus

This is the list of the creatures that don’t have an event prior to the rework of the battle stages.

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WHAT, I have a Dimetrodon unlock!
No, Prionosuchus though.

I’m kinda hoping for Rajasaurus Gen 2 soon :joy: because I love that creature and I wanted to unlock it but sadly it doesn’t have an event yet. Also there’s Rajakylosaurus or something in JWA so Ludia might add that to JWTG soon with a Gen 2 variant.

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Also what’s up with the Antarctopelta unlock?
Hope I keep it.

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Ludia messed up


Correct. There is a hybrid in JWA called Rajankylosauus with a superhybrid for itself.


Locked for me.

This was actually the last non-hybrid dino for me to get. I have 2. :frowning:

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@Jurassic_Fury(Boi with suit) I am very lucky that I have it at lv.40

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@Nonthawath_777 nice! I need one more to make a max.

Locked for me as well, I got a little excited for a bit thinking I could finally make that hybrid. Oh well


I just realized that the creature reshuffle happened a few days before I had reset my account back in November of last year. The thing is I do have all commons unlocked, most likely from the events to unlock them when you are at a specific level early on, but I also have Metriorhynchus unlocked, it even still has the “new!” tag above it since I don’t have one in the park yet. I also have Corythosaurus, Nasutoceratops, Allosaurus, Supersaurus,Sarcosuchus (as well with the “new!” tag) and Dimetrodon. Weird.

I started playing last September, so I got most unlocks via the easy way. But I don’t expect prionosuchus, pyroraptor, scaphognathus, aerotitan and tyrannotitan to have an unlock any time soon. The other creatures still might get an unlock, but these five were locked even before (there might be other creatures I missed).
At this point in the game I consider prionosuchus to be the ultimate super rare legendary as I have only one lvl 30 of it and I only managed to max my tyrannotitan a few weeks ago.

I guess I also wasn’t as unlucky as I thought. I have 8 Prionosuchuses, 5 Pyroraptors (prior to an already-maxed which was given to Carnoraptor), 10 Aerotitans and 15 Scaphognathuses and I started in Mid-March.

Most of us have known and interacted with “DaWise Weirdo” so many times on this forum, and some of us such as myself were even welcomed by him here.

After his dinosaurs were sold off he was very inactive on the forum, and now his username appears as anon43877113 and is not possible to ping it. On checking further, it shows that the account is suspended till 13th September 2023.

While we do not know if he will return to The Game or not due to exams or loss of interest prior to the selling off dinosaurs incident, if he’s reading this anonymously I just wanna thank him for introducing some of us to the forum and being so helpful in many topics such as lineup, trades, coin traps, etc.

I hope he comes back to The Game in 2023… and the forum too.


He obviously mentioned his age too often in the forum. On September 13th, 2023 we can congratulate him to his 16th birthday.


@Tommi did he? I’m not sure, I have been reading almost every post here for the past few months and don’t recollect him mentioning it… Nevertheless I hope he returns to the forum and the game soon.

I do not know either, but I warned him a while ago as he made some remarks on Harry Potter that could be taken as reference for his age. From what he wrote I assumed he is 13. He deleted this post but maybe he mentioned his age in his discussions with support after his sold out disaster.


Sweet, it’s actually glowing!


it stats included? hoping it’s good.