Weekly Schedule - 9/16/2019 - 9/22/2019

What a relief, only a short VIP tournament is scheduled for next week.


I really want Plotosaurus and now I can finally get it! Thank you Ludia


Now I hate my life!
I habe Troodon, but there’s no Tournament Aftermath the next weak :persevere:

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Wow, a boss event we actually have a chance to complete. That’s a change too. And a two-day event, that will be appreciated by those that don’t have a lot of herbivore hybrids.


Only complaint I wish they would have kept avian ancestor instead of Claim your territory because all I ever win on the spin wheel is a common dinosaur otherwise looks like a great week of playing my favorite game

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Yeah, Claim your Territory is the one I’m most likely to punt on. Maybe they will listen to my suggestion that events that only have a spin of the wheel should not be more than 3 rounds. On workdays I just am not going to spend the time for such a low chance of a decent prize.

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Yeah I’m excited to get Plotosaurus too, that’s one of the VIPs I don’t own yet.

Ludia not having an Aftermath for Trodon just confirms that their main reason for this event is to pressure players into paying for speedups. Clearly they know almost everyone other than the very newest players have it already so it’s not going to get them what they are looking for. Yes… I’m very jaded when it comes to their decision making.

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It gave really crappy rewards. You weren’t missing much


I have decided to skip Claim your territory because the juice is not worth the squeeze I have completed all other events for today here is my first round opponents if I were going to fight image

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Unlocked Urtinotherium!
I was very pleased, that I had to fight 4 instead 5 times…

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Congrats on your new dinosaur I already have him at level 40 from the first time it was available to unlock

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Skipped Claim your Territory today…Hope that Plotosaurus Tournament is Jurassic

It’s got an Aquatic icon next to it. Prepare your fish/marine reptiles


I think it’s an Aquatic icon, because Plotosaurus is an aquatic…

While there have been unannounced changes/mistakes, that icon denotes the type of creature used in the fight. Use the other battles as your guide

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Have you already seen the battle at big rock mini movie?
I like the Allosaurus! In my opinion it’s a beautiful prewiew of JW 3!

What do you think about this short film?

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It was pretty good, I’m all for the next Jurassic World movie. This short definitely helped fuel the hype… But we’ve seen the whole ”Dinosaur flips the vehicle humans are in” thing multiple times before. Like in JP1, TLW, JP3, JW, and now Battle at Big Rock… One thing this series has taught us is that dinosaurs absolutely hate vehicles, especially when they’re occupied with people.

1) Jurassic Park 1: T-Rex flips Jeep occupied by Lex and Tim; eventually sending it over a cliff


2) The Lost World: T-Rexes flip The Mobile Lab; eventually sending it over a cliff

3) Jurassic Park 3: Spinosaurus downs plane and attacks survivors, flipping the crashed plane multiple times over

4) Jurassic World: Indominus Rex flips and attacks Gyrosphere

5) Battle at Big Rock: Allosaurus flips camper

Also I own a crossbow… Even if the eight year old girl acquired and was capable of utilizing a rope cocking aid AND was capable of accurately employing the weapon in a life or death situation- Let me point out that it’s absolutely, positively impossible for anyone to get off two bolts in rapid succession like that. And because two bolts were fired, you can’t say it was already loaded (which would be incredibly irresponsible for anyone to leave a crossbow loaded when not in use anyway).

Either way the girl would have had to have pulled the string back, loaded a second bolt, reacquired the target, steadied her aim, and fired the second bolt… All within a split second of the first bolt, which miraculously hit near the same place with Robin Hood-like precision accuracy.


Furthermore that crossbow was really small to be penetrating the thick hide on that Allosaurus so easily on 2/2 bolts. Granted, it is more realistic for a kid to be able to use a smaller crossbow, but the Feet Per Second (FPS) it’s capable of those firing bolts would likely be too slow for them to be sticking into that Allosaurus.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly possible just not likely; especially with practice points on those bolts… Because what kind of monster would give an eight year kid broadhead points to play around with??? Not to mention, broadhead points are exponentially more expensive to be just wasting like that.

Buuuut even so, if you lined up the shot and got lucky I have to admit it would be possible for the bolts to penetrate the Allosaurus (if fired from a favorable angle), it’s just highly unlikely if you ask me.

Neat idea, but I think having the kid grab a gun to shoot the creature with would have been more realistic.


I know this review sounds critical (maybe it is), but there was still sooo much to like about this short film.


-Allosaurus animatronic enhanced with CGI
-Baby Nasutoceratops
-Suspenseful, intense horror-like tone
-Nighttime setting
-The fact that dinosaurs were fighting was cool
-Choreography when characters interacted was excellent (minus the baby)
-Dinosaurs looked real and moved very naturally
-Post credit takes were all awesome, especially the pterodactyl scooping the wedding turtle dove :dove:
-Radio discussing dinosaur sightings to build the plot


-No cameos from any characters in the series. There was a lot of speculation that Henry Wu would appear, which would have been amazing to see in the post credit takes (or even just a voice over from Ian Malcolm would have added so much to this short film)
-The dinosaur fight was really short and underwhelming
-Dinosaurs attacking vehicles is not an original idea for this series
-Girl shooting crossbow was unrealistic (for the many reasons stated above)
-Kid attacking a dinosaur is not an original idea for this series… Kelly’s gymnastics stunt to kick a raptor in TLW was a low point for this series so it was really surprising to see Colin Trevorrow go this route in this short.
-Annoying crying baby that parents try to sooth by talking to it during life or death situation
-Kid provoking dinosaur into attacking vehicle was done before in JP1 (When Lex shined the flashlight in the Jeep during the T-Rex breakout scene)
-Kids still prove to be invincible in this series. Okay got it, no one wants to see a dinosaur eat a kid (I sure don’t and am not suggesting this idea) but the easy solution is to just not have kids in the scenes where dinosaurs attack people

TL;DR: I give it a solid 7/10. It was good, but could have easily been much better if the director tweaked a couple things to make it more original and realistic.

Also I really liked this review from Klayton Fioriti and agreed with most of it:


Lol, on the crossbow stuff. Not to mention leaving a crossbow loaded can be hard on the limbs, cam assemblies and string over time.

A very large portion of people know next to nothing about weapons. Many get their education from uninformed and often inaccurate sources like TV, movies, news and politicians.


Most definitely @Potato and @Mary_Jo… And to be honest, I don’t even mean to come across as the cynic whose focused on realism in a sci-fi flick, but when something’s so far fetched from reality it does detract from the entertainment value for me.

Also the continual regurgitation of plot ideas in this series is starting to take the feel of the Austin Powers franchise.

Surely there are original concepts involving dinosaurs left out there where it doesn’t have to be the same thing over and over again… At least Jurassic World 3 isn’t going to force characters to go back to an island with dinosaurs when they know it’s a bad idea to do so.

And I do think that the darker horror-like tone that Colin Trevorrow is using is indeed where they’ll need to go to be successful. But the stakes have to be higher- I hate to say it but people probably need to get killed by dinosaurs on screen to make the story more realistic at this point.

This is where the short story could have gone to make things better:

  • Battle at Big Rock opens the same way until the baby Nasutoceratops shows up. Then a tranquilizer dart hits the infant and the parents start freaking out.

  • Next you see an Allosaurus show up and it picks up the now sedated infant Nasutoceratops by its head in its jaws… Just before it delivers the killing blow, the father Nasutoceratops charges Allosaurus, boring it through the stomach with one of his horns (all the while the kids are watching from the camper while their parents try to shield their eyes. The father makes the same comment about it just being a part of nature).

  • As the Allosaurus turns from predator to would be prey, it desperately bites and slashes at the male Nasutoceratops to little avail. Just then an ear splitting noise comes from out of nowhere. The parent Nasutoceratops scream in alarm, but reluctantly give in to the sound and they both retreat, deep into the forest…

  • Seconds later a military team in OCP uniforms with Biosyn Patches emerges from the forest with hearing protectors. Over an internal radio channel the team communicates their status and sends up individual reports that the area clear… Most of the Biosyn team are equipped with carbine assault rifles, one is holding nothing more than a noise emitter device, and another with the tranquilizer rifle slung over her shoulder (the clear leader of the group). As the leader emerges, she walks up to the baby Nasutoceratops and kicks it… “Bag it and tag it boys, then load it up. We’re moving out in 5,” followed by half a dozen soldiers replying with “Affirmative.” Four Biosyn team members immediately begin securing the infant Nasutoceratops to a stretcher-like carrying litter.

  • The Biosyn soldier with the noise emitting device points to the struggling and dazed injured Allosaurus, which is moaning in pain and scratching at its ears amidst the painful high frequency noise. “Ma’am, what about this one? Should we try to take it.” The leader cocks her head thoughtfully towards the Allosaurus for a moment as she assessed the situation, then replies sharply with a “Negative, orders are clear. We’re here for the infant… This time.”

  • The team promptly departs into the forest from the direction they came from, four of them carrying the sedated infant Nasutoceratops; which is now secured to a litter. As they enter the forest, one of them curses as he struggles with the dense foliage (his Velcro patch coming off in the process) and that noise that was stunning the creatures leaves with them.

  • Shocked and horrified the father tells the family to stay put and then emerges from the camper, seemingly forgetting about the wounded Allosaurus thriving about on the ground. As the father scans the wreckage left behind he notices the Biosyn patch that came off one of the soldiers, now gently swaying with the leaves in a tree at eye-level. He lenas in to take a close look, trying to make out what it means…

  • Meanwhile the camera pans out and the audience can now see the wife and kids are yelling from within the camper because, unbeknownst to him, the Allosaurus has now recovered directly behind him and is staring at him with all the look of horror only a predator from over 65 million years ago could demonstrate. As the father realizes his family’s warning signs he turns to assess the situation.

  • The Allosaurus lets out a deafening roar in slow motion from the opposite side of the camp fire (similar to the scene we saw) and charges right across the fire at the father; sending burning embers in every direction. The father tumbles into the foliage just before the Allosaurus comes crashing through behind him. The mother then comes out of the camper screaming with a fire extinguisher in hand. She stops and desperately searches the tree line, scanning for her husband. Then the father comes running back out from the forest, now bleeding with a neat three-claw mark across his face, clutching his side with one hand and waving his other hand for her to go back.

  • But the wife refuses to leave… The Allosaurus then comes crashing out from the forest to attack the man again, but this time the wife gives it a full dose of fire extinguisher directly to its face.

  • As this is going on, the man from the beginning finally emerges from his camper and shoots the Allosaurus in the face with the crossbow (ONCE)… Unfortunately the bolt doesn’t penetrate the Allosaurus’ thick skin, rather the force of it just snaps back the Allosaurus’ head. It turns to face the new threat with a menacing growl…

  • As the man struggles to reload his crossbow the Allosaurus charges forward and just before he can lift his crossbow again he’s scooped upwards in its jaws and slammed backwards into his camper, crashing straight through the window. The Allosaurus then leans into the trailer to finish off the screaming hero.

  • Meanwhile the father and the mother go back to get their kids and depart into the forest down a trail, passing a sign pointing to the Big Rock Game Warden station in 1.5 miles.

  • Then we get those same post credit scenes but add one at the end where Henry Wu is staring through a microscope and smiles cynically and says “We’ve finally done it…” Then against the black screen you hear Ian Malcolm say, “Dear God… What have they done. This is just the beginning…” And voila! Nitty, gritty, awesomeness and something new to add to the series.


Great story line @DantheMan.

All events done for the day:

The rarity rumble last battle:

Still had some high level rares left at the end due to the large stable of Diplosuchuses I have on hand, they are so versatile.