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Weekly schedule 9/2- 9/8

27 events and a tournament! Ludia you are out of your mind! :smiley:

Have you ever seen, as much events as mentioned here?


Is this sick or is this SICK?

Must be a mistake.


What the hell?!
That can’t be right! That many events, along side a tournament. Ludia seriously, slow down!


Something about 10 characters :slight_smile:


They’ve said not every event is for every participant, but this is ridiculous


No it isn’t!
Ludia said 2 rarity rumbles on one day in ther fb post and that’s true.
But hey we can win 10 legendary packs the next week! 13 VIP points, nice!

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I’m just more concerned about that many battle events alongside a tournament.

I mean, I would normally do the battle events to help with the Clash of Titan creature, but sense I already have it and not the tournament creature here. I might just skip the battle events involving Jurassic creatures this once.

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I can totaly understand that! It’s a little too much and I won’t complete all events!

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I think this week is more of a question of which unique creature do you want more 2bh.

I see two options.
Skip some of the events or get rid of my wife, my social live, my job and my personal hygiene.


I think some good advice here would be, target the events that would help you the most. Because some 2bh, give rather small rewards that aren’t really worth batting an eye for. Although it does also mean easily badge for Clash of Titans.

An unlock event or one involving Cenazoic or Aquatic, that one is worth taking part in, because then you can use it to help with the daily missions.

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Wow! Not even the most loyal player in the history of loyal players could do THAT many events. Best course of action would be to choose the best and ignore the rest.
Btw, are we gonna have 4 day long tournaments every week now? It IS too much, but it does mean we cycle through the creatures and get to the cool stuff faster

More PvE’s … hooray … one must appreciate how Ludia always listens to the community. :wink:

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I’m really looking forward for this week! It’s a good help for a lot of Sarcosuchus S-DNA for my 3rd Diplosuchus!

The Cenozoic event yields 650 (x2 VIP) LPs at the end. Second of the five was toughest for me, perhaps because I tried to save stronger dinos for later, so needed three tries I think. Good luck to all.

So far there are 4 requiring Jurassic and one Ceno…then the tourney and boss which have another day still…sigh

Tiny terrors and the coins, those are pretty easy. Won’t claim my territory and will leave the boss alone. So, only real challenge is the Cenozoic. Tourney, already logged in my work, so it’s time to chill. :sunglasses:

Thank you Tiny Terrors!


Survived day one of this marathon week. Glad I’m in good shape on the tournament


I survived too, but barely. Came home from work at 5 pm and spent the next two hours with the events.
Very exhausting.