Weekly schedule 9/20/21 - 9/26/21

That’s really great
2 aquatic tournaments
But I can only win with the one Dino symbol on it
And I think the video tournament will be the kangaroo


Nooooooooo MOD tournament
Lucky I finished COT this week

Wait I don’t get it… Is there like a new aquatic hybrid just like dilophoboa where both components were the tournament? Oh and I’ll get to do both if I have the time so I hope they better be good dinos


What the
Mod tournaments also exist??

maybe i dont know

Is this the first mod tournament

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Or some other one

that will be super annoying now

Yea I know right

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i think i will not do this weeks tournament

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The iconography looks like Bananogmius, it could even be Suchodus or Plesiosuchus


No, one happened for Mastodon in 2019

Finally something different.

I am hoping this is a new reef creature. Shame were using jurassics instead of aquatics.


maybe its a cave because its kinda dark in the iconography

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Looks like Bananogmius icon to me

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More than likely, reefs have become extinct, its more than likely bananafish that things had more unlock opportunities recently than galimimus has :man_facepalming:

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if its a cave then i hope that its plesiosuchus or suchodus

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I forgot about that one, I really need plesiosuchus I wouldnt mind that one.

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Is that a Mods tournament-
@Tommi your wish may have come true. :flushed: