Weekly schedule 9/20/21 - 9/26/21

I’d do that too but it seems as if it’s gonna be the bananafish. And unfortunately, I need it.

It’ll never win the COT polls seemingly.


you know if there is an inspire mod in every battle then for sure its gonna be super annoying and hard

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Wait, so there are two the same tournaments incoming this weekend but with two rules? :open_mouth: iconography is the same on both of them so i dont know

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I appreciate the info. Forgot my “sarcasm” font. I immediately trade any mod for coins/food/etc just to get rid of them. Not a fan.


It is indeed bananogmius! Last time this fish was able to unlock via tournament was in january this year. Long time we have wait but there it is


Based on the iconography, the VIP tournament matches with Acrocanthosaurus

and the Aquatic one matches with Bananogmius.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean Ludia can’t change what creatures get what iconography, as they change all the time. But that’s where we’ve seen them before.

As for Mod tournaments, the most recent one was Gigantophis the week of 12/9/2019, and required 1045 trophies for a three-day five-hour tournament.

I suspect (but do not know) that players above level 30 will not be eligible for the regular tournament next weekend. I think this will be similar to a bracketed tournament in that regard.

Discussion from other Mods tournaments for a little light reading this week




Same tournament, 2nd discussion


but acro isnt a vip anymore,it is a normal solid gold dino or they are giving two copies of it in the vip tournament like stygimoloch

Giant Orthocone isn’t a 50k creature either and we’ve had 2 VIP tournaments for it. The 2nd one did give 2 copies. @Keith , @Daven , I hope this continues if the VIP tournament is indeed for a non 50k creature, like Acrocanthosaurus. I would also like to voice my displeasure at the recent trend of having VIP tournaments during the work-week. And I’m not asking them to be doubled up with a 2nd tournament. One tournament at a time is enough, thank you.


You have to pay attention at work?!?!?!?

Novel requirement indeed.


I guess one tournament will be a land tournament. The other an aquatic only tournament. I don’t think they both will be for new creatures but who knows maybe we have two new creatures at the same time. But it’s more likely for a new hybrid will be released that aquires marine creatures or a new marine hybrid

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if bananogmius comes in this tournament and wins the clash of titans then im kinda disappointed


Yeah thats what i fear too. And because bananogmius is hybrid component i think many people choose that fish (including me unfortunately). That would be a complete waste of tournament and COT. Now i hope that darwinopterus will win :crossed_fingers:


I don’t know don’t they use the cave background in the weekly schedule for all kinds of cave creatures? Didn’t suchodus and gillicus had that background as well? Don’t remember that. Even if it’s bamanogmius what’s the second tournament for?

i dont think many players voted for it because the forums only represents a little percentage of players

It cant be bananogmius for the tournament again, it’s literally had like 2 tournaments in the past year and 2 COT wins aswell… I’m not sure how some of you are missing it as its come around so frequently lol


Maybe but i still think its banana fish. In the past i’ve seen that tournament iconography in weekly shedule posts on facebook are always the same for specyfic creature. This way Ludia give us a little hint about whats going to come in tournament i think. It is more than likely bananogmius but now im not sure if i want this fish in tournament, because it can win the newest COT poll as well.


That and I’ve never seen gillicus, suchodus or plesiosuchus in the polls once, if it’s that pesky fish once again then… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Iconography makes me think this way. But i dont know, maybe Ludia made mistake and it is differend creature? I dont know :woman_shrugging:

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Twin tournaments with 2 aquatic backgrounds, theyve got a chance here to make an interesting aquatic reef hybrid this weekend with its 2 components.

But knowing ludia it’s just gonna be regurgitated bananafish and mosa g2… hooray…

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what if its a new cave creature but i think its the banogmus