Weekly schedule 9/20/21 - 9/26/21

thats why i write there about result as special request, or answer, that tourney isnt banana, actualy i can win normal tourney but is still close for me to get tha 1500 trophies + i really dont have enough mods for that.

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You can start saving MODS, I am currently buying them every day and taking trades for them

Thats what i do + in saturndy events I try use just one mod per battle but the tourney need more than 60+++ battles thats 180+++ mods and that’s just a rough estimate, calculated with 32 trophies per fight, so much more will be needed because the first fights give under 30 trophies + of course a waste of other modes if you lose the fight.

I’m afraid I really don’t have enough mods for a mod tournament


You can skip the MOD event if you have to, I skip these unless its for COT or to get my last LP’s for a Solid Gold Pack

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I do remember reading one of the forum’s posts saying that there was a Gorgosaurus COT and tournament at the same time…or am I wrong


Hi all to clear up some questions mentioned above.

  1. Vip Tournament - I am told it will reward a twin pack for the Acrocanthosaurus

  2. The upcoming Weekend tournament is not a Bracketed tournament. You can choose to compete in the regular Tournament or the MOD Tournament 30+ or you can do both. Placing in Dominator League in either Tournament will reward the same prize.


Then I will do the normal one

Wow that’s new ! Thanks for the clarifications @Keith !!

Double tournament eh ? This is going to be interesting, I am going to do the non - modded one and save my MODS for a Modded PVP run

@Andy_wan_kenobi and @Sionsith is this the first time there are dual tournaments : one Modded and one normal ?


so both tournament are the same

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Thank you @Keith for the clarification.

I will do the normal tournament for sure, but I will try the Mod one if I can find the time.

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The Dominator League final prize is the same. The leaderboard is different. So it depends on how you want to look at it.


Well @Lucky14 it looks like you don’t have to do the Modded tourney, as you can access both tourneys you can choose to do the one with no Mods

ok, thinking of doing the non modded one since my coin production is not op enough to be in a tournament, but I also soemthing planned this weekend, hope I have enough time, really want banana(if it is the reward)

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For me I’m going all out on Modded PVP this weekend for a chance at the elusive Rajastega


Yeah me too, it wont do a thing for my lineup because at level 10 he is worst than indo 10, but for its for collection purpose

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Well he is a good glass cannon, at level 10 he can two shot all reef super rares and take down level 20 tournament legendary reefs

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@Keith good to hear it, thank you
@SmilodonTroodon for luck, then i choose normal tourney :smiley:

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10 chars

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wait if most of the players is going to do the normal tournament that means the trophy count in mod tournament will be low

I don’t believe the amount of people playing affects the trophy amounts. Having said that, I believe mod tournaments have lower trophy amounts anyway.