Weekly schedule 9/20/21 - 9/26/21

@Bandeezee is right we have seen no evidence that player participation affects trophy count.

@Keith seems odd but thank you for the clarification. So tournament this weekend is identical in terms of final reward. Not sure if you can speak to this but is Ludia using this as a test run? Trying to see which one players prefer? Putting them together seems like most folks will gravitate towards the Non MOD one because it is an easier go from a single battle perspective. So I wouldn’t think Ludia would get any good data around what participation would look like if it was a tournament by itself.


Hi Sionsith,
Some players have voiced they wanted different types of tournaments, Mods, Aquatic, Rules, Cenozoic etc. The team has been listening and added the mod tournament in response.


Okay, now I’m excited. Never participated in a Cenozoic Tournament before… :partying_face:


i think so

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Thanks, I just hope this is not used as a data point for future tournaments since I believe the data will be skewed in terms of participation.

Given the option folks will choose the perceived easier go almost every time.

We won’t know the projected trophy requirements until more than half the tournament is over but for just the time investment of a MOD battle vs a regular battle I would think there would need to be a (5/7 ish) ratio to make it be close from a time perspective meaning the final score should be say 1,500 for the non MOD and then 1,100 for the MOD tournament. This would at least make them more closely equal from a time commitment.


You don’t think a lot will do both?

I plan to do both.


Same here. :raising_hand_man:t4:


yes i think i will try the mod tournament

I think a fair amount will do both, but I also think a fair amount will only do one and most likely will be the non MOD one especially as they get deeper into the tournament and realize what they are getting into.


I think most people will try both if they can. But thinking of the wider player base (not the forum users) that they won’t be doing both 100%.

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I like, they put also normal land tourney and everyone can choosewhich mean chance for weaker players like me, say the team the can do also with others types of tourneys like ceno or aqua

I won’t do the mod one. My lineup is not deep enough yet. Unless I can go to predator. 3 days isn’t enough. Dual tourneys like this should be a week.

i think we had enough week tourneys


I would give anything for a cenozoic tournament, my cenozoics are just sitting there doing nothing, please let this happen keith :pray:


I speak for myself. Week long tourneys rk better for me since I work weekends. I never said however that I want them every week.


As much as I’d welcome more of a challenge, I unfortunately don’t have the time this weekend so normal tournament for me it is.

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The stash built since a year and a half… Game on :coffee:


its good that you save thiese mods now you can utilize them


I’m ready too… let’s go! :eyes:


I think I can reach dominator pretty easily with these mods