Weekly Schedule - 9/23/2019 - 9/29/2019

I’m happy with the unlock creature, because I can unlock Xinathodon then!
A 4 day tournament…hopefully a new!
A community event to…PvP challenge


Looks like another awesome week of events for us to complete

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Hope those VIP battles are cenezoic, otherwise where’s the love?

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The VIP battles are always aquatic and jurassic! There hasn’t been a ceno VIP event so far…


Mighty Money usually uses lower level Jurassic creatures, so you’ll just have to budget your higher level ones between Claim Your Territory and the VIP battle on Monday, should you choose to do both. Saturday and Sunday, on the other hand, you may have to make choices between PVE and the tournament


It just amazes me that if I have something its not worth much but if ludia has it then its worth a bunch here is proof why such a big difference in price based on selling something and buying something very big difference


Start of a new week and as usual I’m going to skip Claim your territory it’s not worth using my dinosaurs to get such a lame prize

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Update on events for the week

It is possible to win the DNA Pack on Test Your Strength


Here’s my lineup on today’s Dinosaur Charge

Round 1 started with Carnivores, then herbivores, back to carnivores, and ending with pterosaurs

Round 2 started with a pterosaur, then carnivore, then 2 amphibians, a bunch of carnivores, and ended with another amphibian

Round 3 started with an herbivore, a pterosaur, then carnivore, an herbivore, carnivore, pterosaur, an amphibian, and two carnivores,

It definitely is random though, my first round was a couple herbivores, then carnivores and a couple pteros, and ended with the sole amphibian. Haven’t done my next two rounds yet, but so far I’ve been pretty successful with using a carnivore, ptero, carnivore lineup. I have enough points in the tournament to use some carnivores, but sticking with the ones that have fairly low cooldowns so I can still use them for some battles later today if need be.