Weekly schedule 9/27/21 - 10/2/21

What kind of tournament is this


I think it’s a new one

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Caz I don’t recognize that pattern

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Propably new one - never seen that background before.


Kaiwhekea unlock for me

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Looking at the iconography of the tournament I think it’s a new creature!
Most likely it is a Permian creature (Arctops, Inostrancevia, Moschops)!


Hopefully a new marine creature

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Don’t new creatures get a week long tournament though?

Its a new creature! I really hope its new cenozoic like moschops or gorgonops

I think the tournament is…uh…
Kaiweheka unlock for me tho

New creatures most likely have 3 day long tournament (exeption was for example albertosaurus tourney in july). One week long tournaments are rather for creatures that must be unlocked to create new added hybrid, like it was with dracoceratops and chromaspinus release.

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pachyrino hasn’t had an unlock since the picture changes, it could be pachyrhino.

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It would mean a change of iconography (as if that never happened before), but the tournament image reminds me of the images for Sphenacodon


Yeah, hope it’s a new jurassic

Ehm, actually Moschops and Gorgonops are “Permian”, not Cenozoic!

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But when that kind of creatures appear in game they will be cenozoic. Like in jwa. But now im more skeptycal about this tournament because it can be sphenacodon and i already have her unlocked and maxed

Not always. Sometimes it’s just three days

Well the only cenozoic from jwa that can be imported without getting any new animations are Eremoceros, megalonyx, titanoboa gen 2 and andrewtherium. Dodo, haast eagle, Carbonemys, Argentavis and meilolania would aquire some new animations

Aka palaeozoic

And thats what i’m hoping for. That we get new cenozoic creature with new animations, but i know it is unlikely