Weekly schedule 9/27/21 - 10/2/21

You might have confused it. Only new hybrids get a teaser a week before they come out, new tournament creatures don’t.

It looks like a shore but more likely the shore of a sea, not a swamp. So its being an amphibian would be a poor bet in my book. I’d go for another birdie or a carnivore that loves to go down for a walk at the beach, but a humongous seagull wouldn’t be a surprising reveal to me tbh. :joy:

If there was such a thing in the prehistorical era. :rofl:

images - 2021-09-27T142902.713


But I don’t see any teasers for the new creature

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Is this really a new tournament

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That’s because the teaser usually comes out on Tuesday, the reveal on Wednesday, in-game on Thursday, and its tournament on Friday.


Wow u got a big brain

That new banner on the news board didn’t seem like a new high end amphibian hybrid to me. It looks like another casual tournament amphibian instead.

I hope I’m deadly wrong. I wish so bad, to be wrong.


On a different subject relevant to this week’s schedule, is the community PVP event stuck at zero for everyone?

I did a PVP and it registered - I got the sDNA for it

But no change to the Community event.

I have logged out, I’ll see if it changes when I go back in and if not I will report it.


its the same for me too

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Thanks for letting me know. I have sent in a report to Support.

Same since this morning no amount of PvP seems to change it I am assuming it’s a global issue. @Keith or @Daven please confirm this is being addressed when you have a moment.


I was about to write it in glitch thread when I saw this, thanks @Sionsith and @Icthyornis , I thought it was a problem on my side after that “pack issue” happened to me

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Hey ludia it sending 1300 loyalty points for everyone who participated in the tournament


Hi @Icthyornis and everyone, thank you for pinging me. The team is now working on it now.


They sent out the DB’s and pack for the community event in the in-game mail just alittle bit ago


Yes, I received them. Thanks @Keith