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Weekly Schedule 9/28/2020 - 10/04/2020

October is almost here :grimacing: That leaves two more months for 2020 to end, and approx one more month to go which marks the anniversary of three-fourth of the base creatures getting nuked from battle stages.

Week 6 of the Calendar Schedule :arrow_down_small:

And guess what? No Pyroraptor.


Lol ok ludia

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First thing I thought when I saw the schedule… “sad Jurassic fury noises :pleading_face:


Yes :cry: very sad Jurassic Fury noises :frowning: btw thanks for remembering Jurassic Fury’s plight hehe, he sure must be feeling very sad.


It Pyro not Utah Ludia. That’s what is needed


you don’t need Pyroraptor to have carnoraptor though…

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You need Pyro for Carnoraptor… I think you meant that it isn’t required for Spinoraptor.

Coins vs Jurassic…

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I need Utahraptor, and Spinosaurus

I didn’t even look at the tournament which now I see is bracketed to win an Aquatic creature, I just wish it was using Aquatics and not Jurassic creatures.


Won’t complain for spinosaurus … But haven’t unlocked utahraptor yet and I’m level 55… so I don’t even know how I’m gonna unlock all the other commons :man_shrugging:t2:

My son needs Suchodus, so that’s what I’m hoping for

Archelon - 8/17/2020
Mosasaurus Gen 2 - 5/11/2020
Edestus - 4/27/2020
Plesiosuchus - 4/20/2020
Gillicus 3/9/2020
Bananogmius - 12/30/2019
Umoonasaurus - 9/2/2019
Suchodus - 7/29/2019
Mosasaurus - 11/19/2018

Hopefully, Mosasaurus is out of the rotation since it’s a Battle Stage and is currently featured in Clash of Titans. That puts Suchodus at the head of the line.


So is there gonna be another mosasaurs event in November?

5mill coin for a rare i think im better off not trading

I’d do it. Do you have Allosaurus unlocked


Sorry, got the year wrong. Fixed now

I did a thing today…


Is there a difference between a bracketed tournament and a regular tournament?

Bracketed tournaments are divided based on level. There are either 2 or 3 brackets, which are based on park level. Each bracket will compete for it’s own creature with the top bracket going after a Tournament Legendary and the other bracket(s) earning a lower rarity creature. If you are in the top bracket, the tournament starts out at Predator level difficulty. The good news is that almost all battles give 40 trophies about the time you cross over into Hunter League, prior to that most victories give 20 trophies.

Level 31+ Segnosuchus?