Weekly Schedule 9/30/2019 - 10/06/2019

Nothing special next week.
I’m waiting for a long time now for events to unlock Hyneria and Leedsichthys.


How on Earth did Ceratosaurus win the Clash of Titans poll? It was the feature of the Clash during June, had a tournament back in March, and is a battle stage unlock? Sure I need more copies to get Cerazinosaurus unlocked and appreciate the free copy, but I’d rather have something else


Why Cerato, why? Why did you have to win that poll? I still love you (Top 10 dino), but i also already have you, and i was looking forward to creating the lord of all OP dinos, Pachygalosaurus.

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Glad to see the unlock for Doedicurus, haven’t got that yet and seems to come up very seldom in the game so have only collected one so far!

3 day tournament it looks like which is a relief these days.

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I having exams this week :sob::sob::sob::sob:

I believe the tournament will be bracketed as well so be ready.

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I will skip claim your territory Again because it’s not worth the time and dinosaurs for such a weak prize I wish Ludia would change the prizes to something much better or just do away with this event

I did go ahead and do it since I had the time and dinos, and did get the prize pack, with some of the new badges for aquatics I need to get some lvl 40s made anyway, so makes it at least somewhat more worthwhile for me to do. But agree that if there’s any question at all about which events to do, it’s the one I am most likely to pass on.

Did a Land vs. Ceno PvP and seems like the extra spin is gone again??

Anyone know what the Star next to the Tournament means?

Apparently, your ticket into some sort of end of month event


Daily schedule update

@Mary_Jo I have the same problem. The extra spin is gone for land vs ceno

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I wonder if this is part of some scheme along with the changes to the daily missions to get players to do more modded PvPs? It definitely sure makes the regular PvP a pretty bad deal at 5 DBs a pop, with half the chance of getting a decent prize for it.

Extra spin seems to be back.

One thing I’ve noticed with the PvPs is the requirement to get the Elite wheel seems to be slightly higher for modded PvPs. The same ceno team gets me the Elite wheel on regular PvPs but Advanced on the modded one.

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Hhm, just played another round on my iPad, using the free play for watching a video, and didn’t get the free spin. So there seems to be some element to when it shows up and when it doesn’t as I definitely got it earlier today playing on my Android phone.

Are you able yo access the same game from both your android phone and yout iPad?

I haven’t had a free prize spin in awhile

I assume that question was meant for me? Yes, as long as you are logging in through FB, you can use multiple devices. The only issue I sometimes run into is occasionally something I put into the Hatchery or Creation Lab will disappear when I switch to the other device.

This seems to be new.
Players below level 50 will only receive an Kentrosaurus without unlocking it if they finish the upcoming tournament in dominator.
That’s a strange tactic. For those below level 50 it is definitely much harder to finish in dominator. They should get a bigger reward.
Or maybe it means that those above level 50 will only unlock it without receiving one. I strongly hope this is fake news.

Hi Tommi, If you are above level 50 and finish in the Dominator League, you will receive a Kentrosaurus and the Unlock.