Weekly schedule 9/6/2021 - 9/12/2021

we have an unexpected winner for the clash of titans and a marsupial lion event and week long tournament


I’m satisfied by the cot winner

Nooooooo how the hell kentro won. It’s all those people voting for it saying yheir vote doesn’t matter.

i dont know how did that happen but that was surprising

Now we unlock 2nd weakest tourney herbivore and it doesn’t have a hybrid.

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May not be, as well. JWtG Forum represents only a fraction of the entire playerbase. And of course with the existing Jurassic bias in the gameplay we were mentally prepared for an outcome like this…


yea agreed jurassic fury is right

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Oh for the love of god! :roll_eyes:

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Wait a second is it gonna be Para Gen 2 tournament again???

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Does anyone confirm that

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no its spino gen 2 tournament

Not only that but I think I’ve had just as many unlocks for bananogmius as kaprosuchus (over exaggeration ofc).
So I think the majority of players have bananogmius unlocked whereas kentrosaur hasnt had many unlock opportunities.


i cant believe, horrible herbivore I dont will get allonogmius a long time.

Happy for kentro, also micro and marsipual lion

This is what y’all could have had if the banana fish won. I went ahead and did the splicing because I wanted this guy for a long time. Oh well – I’m sure I’ll get 8 more banana fish between within 18 months and then I can have another aquatic glass cannon but for now I have Alicia here and she makes a fine addition to my lineup. Isn’t the kentro the final battle in the missions? I forget, it’s been so long but I have unlocked her many times and never maxed her out. Maybe if I do…


It took me 18 months… There was a tournament a while back for her but my aquatic lineup was nonexistent and I didn’t stand a chance…

Main point is, even is still a hybrid with fins, it has real correct allosaurus model (allo is my top dino) And in this game isnt allosaur (just one trash smaller t.rex named as allosaur) and thats why i want least allonogmius

allogmus is one of the worst tourney hybrids so i rather keep my banana fish lvl 40 so it can help in aquatic events

U sure??:thinking::thinking::thinking:

i dont need it because it is not so good i rather have cerazino