Weekly schedule 9/6/2021 - 9/12/2021

I hate cera, but everyone likes different types for me allonogmius great

Antarctopelta is battle stage 99 reward, not kentrosaurus.


I’ve had that one for quite some time. The level 30 is the fiercest Dino I have in my park.

I have to agree @shivam324235 , stat wise he’s not that great. You can go to Erliphosaurus for a meat shield with his health and cheaper or Cerazinosaurus for similar ratio, but better health and attack (for just 3K more DNA). In terms of tournament hybrids, it’s not that great. It’s great to look at though.

as i say i love him no matter what

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The Par Gen 2 Tournament has a clearly marked time, doesn’t it?

Just what I wanted, another week long tournament. Sigh.


Agreed. On the bright side, I plan on doing what I did this week. Pretty much don’t play it until Friday and Saturday, then make up whatever trophies I need on Sunday. I did about 1200 Friday, 1200 Saturday, then 400 today.

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^ This

Yall need to keep your hopes down for CoT polls lol. Can’t say I didn’t expect this outcome…


Would rather have a strong carnivore with a short cooldown than a glass cannon cave, in a surface dominant game where the reefs are not strong bananogmius is actually pretty useless imo, hopefully that changes soon though.

I just love allonogmius design too much though was the first tourney hybrid I made, plus hes really cheap too.

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banannogmis alone i dont like, but still really need him for allo, who i love

Youl get him soon enough, in just over a year of playing I think I got him unlocked 3 times altogether, he was my first cot win aswell. :crossed_fingers: he comes soon for you lucky, tbh if I have all unlocks I usually vote for bananogmius anyway as he has such great value in the trade harbour.


honestly now i need triceratops gen 2 in cot, as i miss him in tournament becouse i was sick

im waiting for erlikosaurus and archelon clash of titans

There are so many Carnivores in this game he’s not really needed. Yes, Bananogmius isn’t that helpful because there aren’t a ton of strong reefs, but glass cannons are always useful to use and sacrifice. I use glass cannons way more than most other types. Again though, Allonogmius is nice to look at, but besides that and as a collection piece, there isn’t really a point.


are you sure about 2 weeks para gen 2 tournament ludia? Please make immediate changes

no its spino gen 2 maybe ludia put the para gen 2 background bymistakely

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How could possibly one of the worst tourneys, especially a herbivore, win? I wouldn’t be that much suprised if the toothless won that but this is a boomer!

I’ve really wished for that fishy to win this time round. Gotta wait for another century I guess. :expressionless:


im waiting for the vote result to see how close was banana fish to win

:arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:listen to this guy.