Weekly Schedule - 9/9/2019-9/15/2019

No schedule yet but in the events today…
This is a major unlock as I am not sure of the last time it was offered but it’s one of two that I have not unlocked yet that are not new creatures:

Don’t skip this event if you have the ability to complete it, the pack is equivalent to a golden rewards pack, also I got one 100 DB card inside which was nice. But even better was this:

One more checked off the list now I just need the latest creatures and the elusive Bananogmius


Money, money , money! Ludia wants us to spend money for the Leedsychtis and the Hyneria pack, but maybe we can unlock them in a few months like Panochtus those days…
But I was happy that I can unlock Pliosaurus, because he’s one of my favourite aquatics !


Round 1 was brutal. I spent most of the remainder using a shield that could barely survive one hit, a strong pterosaur, and a throwaway so that I was strong enough to finish in one go

Schedule is up and just as brutal as last week. But yeah, I was shocked to see the Pliosaurus unlock in there, thought I was seeing things since it was so early in the AM for me! The unlock history on the spreadsheet goes back to June of last year and we know its not been included in all that time so probably is the first time it’s been an unlock!


This is so brutal.
This game is transferring itself from a strategic to some kind of action game what I am not pleased about.
I was busy with the events for over an hour, thought I’ve finished, and then saw that I missed the VIP event.
That is very exhausting and very little fun.

Wonder what the tournament will be

Happy unlock day, everyone!

Yes, would be nice to know what the tournament will be for. Mammotherium would be nice! :slight_smile:

The schedule is definitely getting very brutal, but then no one is saying you have to actually DO all of these. I always leave the Claim Your Territory for last since it’s such a low chance of any decent reward for the amount of work, the Ptero one was fairly challenging for me but got through that okay (was really wishing I could have afforded to buy a few more Metrias to have for that one!) I know I’ll skip the Aftermath tomorrow since I’m not paying for anything… and the rarity rumbles usually are pretty easy to do. Getting tired of the stampede events being so common now though… I don’t know that I will ever be a fan of those but at least I’m not losing them as often!

Having only a single day to unlock such a rare aquatic as Pliosaurus, with NO advance notice is pretty mean IMO. I bet some people will totally miss out on it that would otherwise have gotten it if 1. they’d known it was coming and/or 2. there was the usual 3-4 day unlock period. I realize this is all part of Ludia’s attempt to force players into paying for CDs, but to do it on a week where they didn’t post the schedule ahead of time seems particularly underhanded, I just can’t help but think this was planned, there’s just so much coincidence to it being the first time it’s shown up and that would be the ONE week they don’t post a schedule…knowing that some players would still have a lot of stuff in CD from the tournament. But some people may miss out on it completely if they just don’t check in on the game today and that’s a real shame, IMO.


I have three more tournament level creatures to unlock, so I’m partial to getting them unlocked. That said, I wouldn’t complain too much about one of the eleven hybrids/super-hybrids I need to unlock, especially Indoraptor or Mammotherium

Since it is an aquatic battle unlock there shouldn’t have been anything on cool down from the tournament. Unless you found some fancy way to use your aquatics in the Jurassic tournament you aren’t sharing with the rest of us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Oh true… it’s already been such a long day I forgot what type of battles they were. :wink: But you still could run into issues if you aren’t paying close enough attention to the change with them being a single-day and don’t have enough aquatics to do it all in one run, and need a CD to finish all the battles. Not everyone can jump in and play the game on a workday in the morning.

I totally agree, was just making sure you didn’t have some fantastic new feature you weren’t sharing.

Completed all events (exept Tournament Aftermath) today…looking forward to tomorrow, because I’ll have to complete just one more event to unlock CoT!

What’s the Tournament creature this friday? What do you think?
I hope it’s Lythronax or Titanoboa… a Hybrid would be awesome !
@Mary_Jo mentioned Mammotherium…this would be cool , but I think Ludia won’t choose a strong creature like that for a tournament …but we’ll see

Titanoboa and Lythronax were pretty recent, so i would not bet on those. Mammotherium would be awesome, but we had a hybrid recently. I’d love Erlikosaurus (i love the hybrid this thing fuses into), Megalosaurus or Yuty

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5 events today, only one with a guaranteed pack. I’m starting to get tired of this new concept of ‘balance’ Ludia and wasting so much of my time on these paltry rewards. I finished the stampede one for the pack and will do the LP one but thinking of just skipping the others. Much as the PvPs are driving me nuts right now, I’d rather spend an hour doing those than waste my time to earn a stinking common dino.

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That’s right…I got the worst rewards you can get today! I got a Triceratops for 5 battles with always 3 commons, a Stegosaurus for using my strong Super Rare Hybrids , only 700 (1400) VIP points which are the lowest you can get! I spend 1 hour for all those events and got only stupid things…I mean, if I won the super rare rumble pack I might get the same creatures, but at least with maybe 1000 DNA! Same with the common rumble.
It’s so sad that Ludia changes so much and make the game worse, worse and worse…

I know, they’re not worth their prize, but I love them and haven’t them yet…it can also be Yutyrannus :smiley:

Well I did use some speedups this morning including the tournament aquatic so was able to do the Aftermath event… and got thr pack off the prize wheel so definitely was worth my time. With the additional points got another 10K pack only to get another Eudo… that’s so many of these I’ve gotten that I may push one up over level 20 but if nothing else it’s one of my best coin producers now!


Congrats! I hope that I’ll have this weekends tournament creature already, so I can do the Tournament Aftermath without spending bucks…I need only 1,5k more LP to buy another 10k pack. I hope, that I get something useful like Tylosaurus/aquatic or a Ceno (please not Bronthotherium) or a land creature I already have, so that I can create a Lvl.20 to improve my team a bit…