Weekly schedule Dec 20-Dec 26

This looks so cool, I now be able to get all the new Dino too level 10 and get a bit of lux wich I never got and testa, wich I am planning on getting for my second unique, also will it be testa or lux or testa AND lux


They’re finally giving out the potential hardest legendary to get. There really needs to be new ways to get Para Lux.


It really isn’t all that hard to find, considering I have it lvl 25 with a near completely lvl pthops at 28, and still 13-14k dna left over🤔


I’ve played for a year or two and take a bus route on the weekdays, and mine isn’t even lvl 20 yet. The combination of its rarity, short range spawn, and exclusivity to darting makes it very difficult to get.


Definitely going for Cervalces and Arctodus! (and testa)

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Well it is the hardest, it needs level 25 everything to just be at fusing level which is the highest. They also means it’s by far the most dna needed for any hybrid. It also needs two epics, one used to be exclusive rare and two exclusive rares that have are exclusive. It is definitely the Hardest to get even if u have tests level 25.

Edit: my bad, you were talking about lux

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